Compensation Claim Diver Electrocuted

Diver Electrocuted – Taylor & Scott Fight to Have Workers Compensation Insurer Pay For Needed Surgery

Our client had always worked in construction. He also had a passion for diving. Eventually, he secured employment with a dive company that specialised in underwater construction. On this particular occasion, our client and his team were given the job of removing and replacing metal plates that were attached to a slipway underwater. This work…

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Jackhammer eye Injury

Working Near Jackhammers Leads to Eye Injury & Compensation Payout

Our client was an older labourer who had migrated to Australia in the 80s. For several years prior to his accident, he had worked as a construction labourer on various building sites in & around Sydney. He worked hard. He enjoyed his work and the camaraderie of his workmates. One day he was working about…

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Bricklayer Work Damages

Refractory Bricklayer’s Work Leads to Work Injury Damages Settlement

Our client had spent twenty years working as a refractory trades assistant. This was hard, hot, dirty work. It was very heavy. It required working inside furnaces, demolishing, rebuilding and relining furnaces, kilns and other vessels. It required carrying, lifting and cutting heavy carbon blocks. Our client had to work in extremely confined spaces. It…

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Leg Amputated Work Accident

Leg Amputated in Work Accident

TAYLOR & SCOTT ACHIEVE LARGE SETTLEMENT FOR THEIR CLIENT Our client was a rigger dogman employed by a labour hire company. He worked a six day week and earnt big money. He worked hard to secure the financial welfare of his wife and children. His employer hired him out to assist a company which operated…

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Formworker Hit By Load On Crane

Formworker Wins Substantial Damages After Being Hit by a Load on a Crane

Our client was a hardworking man with a wife and young family. He lived away from Sydney but travelled to Sydney six days a week to carry out his duties as a formworker. This work was heavy physical work. It required strength and agility. On this day, he and a fellow formworker were bolting together…

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Use of Sledgehammer Leads to Large Damages Payout

Our client was a rigger who had spent his adult working life doing heavy physical work. As one would expect working in this industry, he suffered the occasional injury. Fortunately after having a short period off work following one injury, he managed to return to his full time rigging work. Unfortunately, tragedy struck for our…

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Work Injury Compensation

Workers Compensation Win – Medical Expenses Argument About Injury in The Course of Employment

  Facts About Workers Compensation Claim Our client was a bulldozer driver working and living away from home. Having finished work for the day, he returned to his room at the campsite, cleaned up and then walked to the mess area for dinner. On the walk, he slipped on wet grass severely injuring his right…

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Crane Driver’s Wild Ride Results In Large Compensation Payout

Our client was a crane driver who had been instructed to drive his mobile crane from one country town to another. He set off early one morning and upon reaching the top of a hill, suddenly found that the mobile crane had lost power. Heading down the hill, our client hung on for dear life,…

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Tongan Glass Worker Compensated For Employers Unsafe Lifting Practises

Our client, Mr O, had worked in the glass manufacturing industry since arriving from Tonga many years ago. One day, his boss directed him and a fellow worker to lift approximately 90 sheets of glass each weighing up to 40kgs. This was an urgent job. No thought was given by the boss as to how…

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Kiwi Forced Home Due To Back Injury

Our work injury damages team here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers, recently completed a work injury damages claim for a New Zealand formwork carpenter.  Simon Meigan, Partner, Accredited Specialist and expert in work injury damages claims acted for our client. Having arrived from “across the ditch”, our client had secured work with a construction…

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