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Bullied miner

Our client worked in the mining industry. He loved being underground working long hours with a great team. With a young family to support, our client transferred to a different work group in order to earn more money and have more quality time with his family.

Unfortunately, his new work group did not make him feel welcome. In fact, they made life hell for him. For no apparent reason, some of the crew started picking on our client. Abusive remarks were made. He was continually bullied and harassed by a few of his co-workers. Our client put up with this abuse and tried to ignore the constant harassment and bullying that he was suffering. As time went on, he started to experience depression and illness. Working underground is a dangerous business and our client started to worry about his safety and that of other members of his crew.

Eventually, he made complaints to his leading hand, his foreman and shift supervisor. All complaints were ignored. The bullying and harassment continued leading to a mental breakdown. He had to leave work and seek medical treatment for his psychological injuries which had resulted in depression, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and were having a detrimental effect on his relationship with his wife and family. Unfortunately, the total lack of support from his employer and senior management has meant that our client can no longer pursue his love of working in the mines. He has been forced to seek alternative employment above ground which has had a major impact on his income, his self-esteem and has severely impacted his marriage and young family.


Feeling lost and depressed, he turned to Taylor & Scott Litigation Lawyers for guidance and assistance. Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, acted for our client. Simon met with his client on numerous occasions lending a sympathetic ear. Simon, having listened to his client, advised that he had a negligence claim against his employer for their failure to act on his complaints and their failure to respond to the breaches of occupational health and safety. Eventually, Simon launched a negligence claim in the Supreme Court of NSW. Simon very carefully investigated his client’s claim. He retained the services of experts in mental health as well as experts in occupational health and safety. Simon carefully quantified his client’s claim ensuring that the financial losses his client had suffered by having to give up working as an underground miner, together with the pain and suffering his client had endured as a result of the ongoing bullying and harassment were all compensated.


Eventually, the matter was ready to proceed to a hearing in the Supreme Court. Prior to the hearing, Simon entered into settlement negotiations with the lawyers representing the employer. We are very pleased to report that Simon has been able to secure a substantial settlement for his client without the need for his client to relive the nightmare he had experienced by having to give evidence at a court hearing.


  • Have you been bullied at work?
  • Have you been harassed at work?
  • Have your complaints of bullying and harassment fallen on deaf ears?
  • Have you suffered physically and/or mentally as a result of this bullying and harassment?
  • Has the bullying and harassment prevented you from working?

If you believe that you have suffered physically, mentally and/or economically as a result of bullying and harassment by co-workers or by your employer, then Taylor & Scott Litigation Lawyers invite you to contact them to arrange a convenient face to face confidential case assessment. Our team of lawyers are highly experienced in bullying and harassment claims. We will listen sympathetically and provide you with sound advice. If we believe you have a claim and you agree with Taylor & Scott acting for you, we will undertake your case on a “No-win/No-pay” basis meaning you do not pay Taylor & Scott any costs whatsoever unless and until you win your case.

Bullying and harassment at work are wrong. It is very stressful for you and your family. It can lead to permanent physical and psychological injury. You can trust our team of expert lawyers to do everything they can to relieve this stress, protect your rights and ensure you receive maximum compensation. Please phone 1800 600 664 or email us at

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