Dog Bite At Friend’s Barbeque Results In Substantial Payout To Victim


Recently Simon Meigan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, concluded a claim on behalf of a client who had been attacked by a dog at a friend’s barbeque. The owners of the dog had invited several friends to a backyard barbeque.

During the barbeque the owner invited his friends to have their photo taken with the dog. At one point our client knelt down to pose for a photograph. Without warning the dog attacked our client, severely biting her on the face.

Our client needed hospitalisation and has needed plastic surgery to repair the injuries that she suffered. She has lost several weeks pay as a result of the attack.

Reading the Taylor & Scott website, the client contacted Simon with a request for his help. Simon, following interview with the client and gathering evidence, brought a claim in the District Court claiming damages for the injuries that the client suffered. Simon advised his client that there was an absolute liability on the part of the dog owner to properly secure the dog. This obviously had not been done.

Fortunately the dog owners had household insurance, which had a public liability component. They were able to hand the claim on to the insurance company who quite properly then took over the matter on behalf of the dog owners, thereby relieving the dog owners of the stress of having to deal with the claim alone.

Once Simon’s client had recovered, he was able to arrange a settlement conference and achieve a very substantial lump sum settlement for his client.

Simon commented that:-
“Dog owners must at all times secure their dogs. Under the Companion Animals Act of 1998 there is strict liability imposed on dog owners. Fortunately I was able to ascertain that the owners were covered by their householder’s insurance policy and was able to deal directly with an insurer who understood the law”.

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