TPD Insurance Claim Succeeds for Shop Assistant

Our client worked as a shop assistant. She spent many hours on her feet packing boxes, stocking shelves, sweeping, mopping and cleaning. After many years, she suffered from chronic pain in her shoulders, neck and back. She was worn out.

Unsure of what to do, she consulted Michelle Meigan here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers who is an expert in TPD Insurance Claims and Income Insurance Protection Claims.


Michelle carefully reviewed her client’s superannuation fund insured benefits. The policy provided for both:

  • Income protection insurance claims; and
  • TPD insurance lump sum claims.

Michelle then completed all forms and submitted these for both an income protection insurance claim and a TPD lump sum claim. She gathered together medical evidence and submitted all of this information to the insurance company.

Eventually, Michelle’s client was successful. She received a TPD lump sum of over $100,000 together with a monthly income protection insurance claim benefit of $1,400 per month.

If you are unable to work because of injury (which can include wear and tear) or illness, you may have a TPD Insurance Claim or an Income Protection Insurance Claim.

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