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Our client is a young labourer. He was working for a labour-hire company. On this particular occasion, he had been sent to work for a “host employer” that handled the recycling of heavy-duty batteries. The batteries were very heavy, weighing approximately 80kgs each. Our client was required to lift these very heavy batteries by himself from a pallet. Whilst performing this task on a number of occasions, a handle attached to the old batteries snapped, meaning that the whole weight of the battery was taken by one arm.

Complaints by our client were made to the supervisor about the breaking handles on the batteries. Our client was told to stop complaining and get on with his job. Following one incident, our client experienced severe pain in his arm. He reported the injury and attended the local medical centre for treatment. A few months later, the same incident happened again. This time the pain was excruciating. He attended the local hospital and was eventually referred to a specialist surgeon who operated on his arm and shoulder. Several months of rehabilitation and intensive physiotherapy were needed. He continues to suffer from restricted use of his arm, chronic pain in his arm and shoulder and reduced strength in his arm. The injury has cost him his job. Because of the ongoing problems he is experiencing with his arm and shoulder, he is now restricted to very light labouring work which has had a marked impact on the wages he can earn.


Not knowing what to do, he turned to his Union for help. They referred him in turn to Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers. Ivan Simic, Partner and an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, arranged a free face to face case assessment with his client. Ivan took very detailed instructions. He explained to his client his rights to receive workers compensation payments, including medical expenses, and arranged for him to be examined by an orthopaedic specialist in order to establish his whole person impairment. Ivan went on to explain that as he had been working for a “host employer” and that the system of work was unsafe, he would be able to launch a negligence claim suing the “host employer” for their negligence. Ivan offered to run the case using Taylor & Scott’s no-win/no-fee arrangement whereby the client did not have to pay any costs whatsoever unless and until he won his case.


We can report that Ivan was able to secure a substantial monetary settlement for his client. This settlement compensated him for his pain and suffering and his loss of income, both past, present and future. The settlement has given his young client the financial security he desperately needed following the injury to his arm and shoulder.


If you, a member of your family, friend or associate is injured at work, you may have a negligence claim. Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers offer a free face to face case assessment where we will take careful instructions and then provide you with detailed advice in respect to your rights. If we believe you have a viable claim, Taylor & Scott will act for you on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning that you don’t pay any costs whatsoever to Taylor & Scott unless and until you win your case.

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At Taylor & Scott we appreciate that being injured at work can have a devastating effect on you and your family. Our lawyers are very highly experienced compensation experts. They will do everything they can to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

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