Doctor claims

How do I make a medical misdiagnosis claim against a doctor?

The first step is to consult with a medical negligence lawyer at Taylor & Scott. Every case is different, requiring expert assistance and careful investigation prior to making a claim, but there are some steps you can take to assist. Your claim rests on proving medical misdiagnosis, so the more information we have to work with the stronger your case will become.

Any information related to your medical misdiagnosis, even that which is seemingly trivial, irrelevant or embarrassing, can be helpful and should be noted down. If misdiagnosis results in unsatisfactory medical outcomes, it’s worth answering some simple questions, including:

Did your treating doctor answer your concerns clearly?
Were you given promises of expected medical outcomes verbally or in writing?
Did you sign any documents related to the procedure?

Your medical misdiagnosis claim can be supported by statements from medical professionals, medical bodies, nursing staff and other allied health professionals, even if they are the ones responsible for the medical negligence that has affected your treatment outcomes.