Hospital claims

Hospital Claims

Going to the hospital for a medical emergency or treatment is never easy. But when hospital treatment is needed, you want and deserve to feel comfortable under the expert care of medical professionals and the healthcare system.

Unfortunately, sometimes a hospital visit doesn’t go to plan. You might get admitted to the hospital for one condition and pick up another infection while you’re there. Any medical error can have a huge impact, often leaving you with life-altering injuries and losses that cannot be fixed with a simple apology.

If errors have been made at any point during your hospital stay, whether that is a misdiagnosis, wrong medication, tests or delayed treatment that makes your condition worse, or even substandard surgery, you or your dependents may be entitled to make a hospital negligence claim.

We understand the trauma experienced when health care falls below standard, potentially resulting in further injury or sickness. We also realise that financial strain associated with claiming damages can add to this trauma or even prevent you from claiming in the first place. We ease the pressure with a no–win/no–fee option in selected cases.