Fall from Scaffold – Worker Receives Large Payout

Fall from Scaffold – Worker Receives Large Payout

Our client was a Scaffolder. He had left school in Year 9 as he was dyslexic and had great difficulty reading. He spent his life doing heavy manual work but did manage to obtain a number of work tickets, such as operating forklifts, scaffolding, dogman, working at heights and in confined spaces. His job required…

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Country-solicitor- request-help-with-stress

Country Solicitor Requests Taylor & Scott’s Help with a Client’s Bullying, Stress, Anxiety and Depression Negligence Claim

Here at Taylor & Scott, we are on occasion called on to assist country solicitors with complex negligence claims. We are happy to assist in these cases and always ensure that following completion of our work, the client is returned to the care of the country solicitor. In this particular case, we were contacted by…

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Special Needs Support Teacher Suffers Serious Back Injury at School

Our client worked as a special needs support teacher. She assisted teachers to look after children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Asperger’s and behavioural problems. Needless to say, the work is extremely demanding. It takes a special type of caring person to cope with the demands of special needs children. On this particular day, our client…

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Plant Operator’s Fall From Machine Leads to Amputation of Leg and Large TPD Payout

Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist, recently completed a TPD claim for one of his clients. Back in the 90s, Ray’s client slipped as he exited a backhoe he was operating. Upon landing on the ground, he felt immediate pain in his right ankle. Little did he know that what seemed like a relatively minor…

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Lady Traffic Controller-Receives-Large-Work-Injury-Damages

Stop/Go Lady Traffic Controller Receives Large Work Injury Damages Payout

Our client was employed by a company performing traffic control duties. Her company had a contract to undertake roadworks in various parts of New South Wales. On many occasions, our client worked through the night performing her duties. On this particular evening she was performing her traffic control duties on the Hume Highway. Her duties…

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TPD Payment Secured-for-Kiwi-Injured-in- Vehicle-Accident

Large TPD Payment Secured for “Kiwi” Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was born over the ditch in New Zealand. He left school at an early age and spent most of his working life doing everything from shearing sheep to working in the construction industry. Needless to say, all of the jobs he has had are heavy hands-on type jobs. All required him to be…

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Injured Formwork Carpenter-Saved-by-Successful-TPD-Claim.jpg

Injured Formwork Carpenter Saved by Successful Total and Permanent Disability Claim

Our client was a formwork carpenter. He migrated from South America speaking very little English. Upon arrival, he secured work in the construction industry as a labourer and learnt the trade of formwork carpenter. He married and has a loving wife and children. His work as a formwork carpenter is extremely heavy. He is required…

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Scaffolder Suffers Facial Injuries Including a Fractured Eye Socket When Struck by a Scaffolding Plank

Our client was an advanced scaffolder working on a building site in Sydney. Being part of a scaffolding team, he and his workmates were directed by the builder where to erect and dismantle scaffolding on this site. Everything was a rush. The builder didn’t seem to pay much attention to the safety of the men…

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After 48 Years of Labouring “Bob” Turns to Taylor & Scott for Advice and Help with His Compo Claim

Our client “Bob”, has spent his entire working life employed in the building industry working as a builder’s labourer. His jobs have involved kneeling whilst helping with concreting and levelling, patching work, jackhammering, bending, squatting, tying steel bars, walking over steel mesh, carrying and lifting. Bob was on his feet all day every day. Several…

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Barrier Erected by Local Council Workers Obstructs Drivers View Compensation Awarded for Injuries

Our client was a truck driver making deliveries to various destinations in country NSW. On this particular day he was driving on the highway in the late morning. The local Council had been carrying out roadworks and the Council workers had placed a number of large barriers on certain parts of the road. Our client…

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