Work injury success

Harassed, Bullied and Threatened Shop Worker Wins Major Damages Payout

Every now and then you get to meet a client who has suffered just too much tragedy in their lives. This particular client worked as a shop assistant. During her life, she has had to deal with one crisis after another. The death of her newborn baby was a tragedy that she had to bear,…

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Wills and estate success

Dodgy Claim Brought by Deceased’s Nephew Defeated by Our Wills and Estate Team

Our client was the only son and beneficiary of his mother’s estate. The estate consisted of a home. Upon the death of his mum (his dad having died several years before), our client gathered his children together and invited his cousin to also meet with him following the funeral. He read the will of his…

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Psychological Injury

This can occur where a close family member is killed. Even if you weren’t involved in the accident, if you suffer a psychological injury following such a tragic event, you may have a “Nervous Shock Claim”. At Taylor & Scott ” We Care For You.”

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Are financial & homemaking contributions treated differently?

Following the dissolution of a long term marriage or relationship, as family lawyers, we see time and time again one spouse claiming that because they were the primary ‘breadwinner’ or financial contributor, they should be entitled to a greater percentage when it comes to a division of the matrimonial asset pool. A recent matter –…

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Family Law Courts: here to help…but not that much?

There has been much discussion over recent months in relation to the depths of involvement the Family Law Courts are being asked to take in litigation of family law proceedings. A father, with equal shared parental responsibility, filed an application before the Federal Circuit Court seeking orders the mother of their child ensures that the…

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railway workers

Railway Demolition Results in Serious Leg Injury and Large Negligence Payout

Our client worked as a labourer in the construction industry. His employer had loaned him out to other companies who were engaged in the demolition and renovation of railway stations in the Sydney region. Each day our client would attend work and be given instructions as to what his work would be for that day….

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father with child

Father Successful in Contravention Application – Mother to Contribute to His Legal Costs

Our client, the father of three young children, had final orders in place for only one year before the mother began breaching them. Not only did the mother not send the children to spend time with our client but she also made very serious allegations about him to the Police and FACS. Our client was…

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Doctor with patient

How Does Informed Consent Work in Medical Negligence?

Everyone has to see a medical professional at some point or the other. On occasion, you or a family member may be told by the doctor that you will require invasive tests or even surgery as part of the treatment. You wouldn’t agree to something you didn’t fully understand, and it’s your treating doctor’s responsibility…

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Mesothelioma in Australia

Australia has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world. But what is Mesothelioma? Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer that develops in the thin layer of tissue that covers the lungs. This dust disease can progress rapidly with no known cure for it currently. Exposure to asbestos is the…

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Workers Compensation Success: Bricklayer Wins Substantial TPD Claim – Unaware of His Entitlement

Our client was a bricklayer. Upon leaving school at 16, he went straight into the bricklaying game. For the next forty years he worked laying bricks. During the course of the last several years, he started developing severe pains in his elbows and shoulders. He put up with the pain and tried to carry on….

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