Severe Foot Injury Negligence Successful Claim

Labourer Suffers Severe Foot Injury When Crushed by a Roller

Our client is a young man who loves the outdoors. Having left school, he obtained employment doing various activities most of which were working outdoors. Being a keen sportsman, he loved surfing and tried to head to the beach after work every day.   Having pursued a number of outdoor jobs, he eventually secured work…

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Supermarket Employee Bullied & Harassed Successful Compensation Claim

Supermarket Employee Bullied And Harassed Wins Negligence Claim

Our client was employed at a supermarket. Over the years, she had worked hard and was promoted. She loved her job and enjoyed working. Once her children had grown up and left home, she was able to take on an evening role at the supermarket and again received a further promotion. At one point in…

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Negligence Success Story Bricklayer Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries to Bricklayer Brings an End to Lifetime of Laying Bricks

Our client spent the whole of his working life laying bricks. He loved his work. Even though he was well past retirement age, he just loved to go to work and build.   On this particular day, he was instructed by his boss to assist a team to build a wall. It was a windy…

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Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment at Place of Work Leads to Negligence Claim and Substantial Damages Payout

Our client worked for a Government department here in NSW. She was a hard worker and committed to her job. Unfortunately, she suffered from a medical disability which did not prevent her from performing her duties. Arriving at a new place of employment, she began to experience episodes of ridicule and harassment because of her…

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Work Injury Damages Claim Burns from Explosion

Severe Burns From Chemical Explosion Worker Secures Compensation Payout

Our client left school at an early age. His education was very poor and he has had great difficulty reading and writing. Fortunately, his family were able to assist him with employment. For many years, he worked as a driveway attendant at a petrol station.  Eventually, the petrol station was sold and so our client…

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Workplace Bullying Negligence Claim

Lodgement of Legitimate Complaint Leads to Bullying and Harassment by Boss Resulting in Negligence Claim and Damages Payout

Our client had worked in the IT industry for many years. He obtained employment in a Government department servicing computers.   On one occasion, he was requested by his boss to service a particular computer. Whilst undertaking this job, he sighted various images which he felt were totally inappropriate and were greatly offensive. He lodged…

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Cherry Picker fall - Negligence Claim

Fall From Cherry Picker – Lucky To Be Alive And Walking

Our client worked as a boilermaker. He worked long hours, usually doing a night shift working up to 80 hours per week. On one occasion, he was sent by his labour hire company to a host employer to install cleats and purlins in a roof structure. This work had to be carried out overnight. Having…

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Construction Site Dogman Tower Crane Fall

Fall Onto Concrete Through Penetration Destroys Young Dogman’s Career

Our client was a young, physically fit dogman who loved working on building sites in and around cranes. He had successfully obtained a number of tickets which allowed him to work on mobile cranes and in a rigging crew which involved him in the erection and dismantling of tower cranes on building sites. On this…

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Injured Shoulder Bricklayer

Bricklayer Suffers Serious Shoulder Injury When Boss Ignores Plea to “Slow Down”

Our client was a bricklayer who had spent a lifetime laying bricks and blocks. On this particular day, he was assisting his boss in the dismantling of a scaffold that the bricklaying team had been working on. The boss was higher up on the scaffold and he was required to pass down to our client…

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TPD claim won by Ray McClenahan

Another TPD claim won by Ray McClenahan – expert in TPD claims here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers

Recently Ray McClenahan, Partner, Accredited Specialist and expert in TPD claims, was successful in prosecuting a TPD claim against two super funds and their insurers in respect to an injured maintenance worker. Ray’s client suffered an injury to his lower back, legs and feet whilst performing heavy maintenance work for his employer. As part of…

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