Bullied miner

Bullying and Harassment in Workplace, Employer Sued for Negligence – Substantial Payout to Worker

Our client worked in the mining industry. He loved being underground working long hours with a great team. With a young family to support, our client transferred to a different work group in order to earn more money and have more quality time with his family. Unfortunately, his new work group did not make him…

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Fall in supermarket

Fall in Supermarket Results in Large Compensation Payout

Our client worked in a permanent part-time position as a shop assistant with a large supermarket chain. On this particular day, she had entered the store to clock-on for work. As she walked through the store, she turned to acknowledge a greeting from her boss. As she said her hellos, she unfortunately stood on a…

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Fall on dangerous stairs public liability claim successful

Fall on Dangerous Stairs Public Liability Claim Successful

Our client worked as a community support worker. Her job required her to visit various clients to assist them with their care. She would attend her clients’ homes. There she carried out various domestic cleaning services at the home like dusting, scrubbing showers and toilets, vacuuming and making the home neat and tidy. She also…

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courtesy bus passenger suffers serious injuries

Ride Home in Local Club’s Courtesy Bus Ends in Passenger Suffering Serious Injuries, Substantial Damages Awarded

Our client lived in country NSW. Being in her early 80s, she was fiercely independent. She lived alone, enjoyed her garden, meeting friends and walking everywhere. She enjoyed visiting her local club to catch up with her friends. On this particular occasion, she was being driven home with others in the club’s courtesy bus. With…

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Partner Visa, Family Violence, HIV, AAT, Health Waiver Successful

  Recently, Andrew Woo (Lawyer and Migration Agent) successfully represented a client at a migration review hearing in the AAT. Andrew’s client’s partner visa application had been previously refused by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on health grounds due to a diagnosis of HIV infection. BACKGROUND TO CASE Andrew’s client came to Australia…

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School playground accident

School Playground Accident, Damages Awarded for Serious Injuries to School Boy

  Recently, Michelle Meigan, Senior Associate and expert in public liability claims, concluded a claim for a young man injured at high school. Michelle’s client attended his local high school here in NSW. On one day a week, his class were able to play sport. His chosen sport was basketball. The children were separated into…

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Rear end collision

Rear End Collision, Physical and Psychological Injuries Motor Accident Negligence Claim Successful

Our client was driving home from work one evening when she stopped to give way to a person on a pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately, a truck following our client failed to stop and slammed into the back of our client. Shocked and in serious pain, our client pulled over to the side of the road. Instead…

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Health issue, ENS, Hepatitis B health waiver successful

Health issue, ENS, Hepatitis B health waiver successful

Recently, Andrew Woo (Lawyer and Migration Agent) helped his client secure an ENS visa to continuously serve the community in the healthcare sector after his client was successful in obtaining a health waiver despite a diagnosis of Hepatitis B virus. It is important to note that Andrew’s client has been on effective treatment to suppress…

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school boy falls into drain in the schoolyard

Young School Boy Falls into Drain in the Schoolyard, Negligence Claim Successful

Our client, through his parents, was a young boy in kindergarten attending a school here in NSW. The young person and some of his school mates were playing in the playground when they came across a drain in the grass. There was a cover over the drain. Our young boy stood on the drain cover….

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Pedestrian injured in hit-run

Pedestrian Injured in Hit-Run Wins Major Accident Damages Claim

Our client worked at a hospital and was planning to retire. As luck would have it, she had just finished dinner at a local restaurant early one evening and was heading home. She reached the intersection and waited for the green pedestrian walk sign. The pedestrian light turned in her favour and she commenced to…

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