Back Injury Supermarket Night Filler

Casual Nightfiller Injures Back – Lump Sum Compensation Awarded

Our client was a casual nightfiller at a supermarket. Her job involved working through the night filling the shelves with grocery items. Prior to our client’s injury, the procedure adopted by the supermarket was to break down the boxes and place individual items on the shelving. At one point, our client’s supervisor instructed that from…

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Carpenter Back Injury

Carpenter Required to Lift Heavy Door Frames Suffers Severe Back Injury

SUCCESSFUL DAMAGES CLAIM AGAINST HEAD CONTRACTOR Our client was a carpenter who worked for a labour hire company. His employer would send him out to work for various other contractors who needed carpenters for limited periods of time. On this occasion, he was sent to assist a contractor who had a contract to replace all…

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Injured Steelworker

Injured Steelworker Obtains Substantial Settlement for Several Injuries at Steelworks

Our client worked in the steelworks. He had always worked doing labouring type jobs and had managed to start training as a crane operator. The steelworks is a dangerous environment. On several occasions, our client suffered injuries to various parts of his body. On one occasion he stepped into a blob of grease and fell,…

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Compensation Claim Diver Electrocuted

Diver Electrocuted – Taylor & Scott Fight to Have Workers Compensation Insurer Pay For Needed Surgery

Our client had always worked in construction. He also had a passion for diving. Eventually, he secured employment with a dive company that specialised in underwater construction. On this particular occasion, our client and his team were given the job of removing and replacing metal plates that were attached to a slipway underwater. This work…

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School team building compensation payout

School-Team Building Event Leads to Large Compensation Payout

Our client attended a high school in Sydney. One day the class were told that they were all going to participate in a team building exercise. A tug-of-war was proposed but as luck would have it, the teacher could not find the ropes used for this exercise. The teacher then proposed a tyre rolling team…

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Work Injury Compensation

Road Worker’s Fall Leads to Million Dollar Compensation Payout

Our client worked in construction mainly concentrating on steel fixing associated with concrete barriers. His employer sub-contracted to other construction companies. On this particular job, he was involved in the construction of concrete safety barriers along a roadway. On the site, our client took directions from the head contractor who usually gave him daily directions…

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Workers compensation needlestick injury

Needlestick Injury Leads to Worker’s Major Depressive Illness

LONG FIGHT TO SECURE WORKERS COMPENSATION ENTITLEMENTS Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, has recently secured substantial workers compensation payments to a client who suffered a needlestick injury at work. Ray’s client was working in the building industry for a company where he was required to assist in the pumping of water…

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Knee Injury Compensation

Lifetime of Labouring Results in Three Compensation Claims

Our client worked in the construction industry all of his working life. He usually worked around sixty hours per week. Over the last fifteen years, he had suffered a number of injuries and noticed that his physical condition was deteriorating. In the early 2000s, he injured his knee. He consulted Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited…

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TPD claim polyarthritis & allergic reaction

Large TPD Payout Secured For Client by Ray McClenahan

Our client lived in country New South Wales and worked in the state public service. A few years ago, she developed severe polyarthritis and a depressive psychiatric condition. At one time, she was receiving injections for her arthritis and suffered a severe allergic reaction to the injections. The result was a form of paralysis of…

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Health Waiver Success Migration

Another ENS Visa Health Waiver Success

Andrew Woo has successfully helped his client and the client’s family become permanent residents despite one of the family members being diagnosed with a “challenging medical condition”. INITIAL CONFERENCE Following a recommendation by a former client, Andrew arranged a consultation to give advice in late 2014. Andrew learnt that his client had been living in…

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