Asbestos Victim Wins Damages

Mesothelioma Victim Wins Substantial Damages

Our client is a retired builder’s labourer who came to Australia in the 1970s. On arrival, he secured employment in the building industry where he spent the next fifteen years working on the construction of kitchens and bathrooms in high rise residential buildings. This work brought him into contact with compressed asbestos sheeting. As a…

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Shopping Centre Fall

Senior Citizen’s Visit to Shopping Centre Ends in Broken Hip & Torn Shoulder

Our 90 year old client enjoyed outings with her son and daughter. A fiercely independent lady, she was able to maintain her own home and care for herself. An outing to the local shopping centre ended in “disaster” when our client and her daughter, who were walking arm in arm through the shopping centre, both…

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Family Law Success - Childrens views important

Children’s Views Are Important, But Not Determinative

Our client was the father of one child who was almost a teenager. He had settled his parenting matter with his former wife almost a decade ago, and although things were never completely smooth sailing between the two of them after separation, they managed to co-exist and he was spending time with their child pursuant…

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Work Injury Concreter Wet Conditions

Uncaring Boss’ Actions Lead to Large Work Injury Damages Payout to Injured Worker

Our client was a concreter by occupation with very limited education. He had spent his entire working life doing heavy manual work. He and fellow employees had been assisting in the breaking up of concrete slabs in order for another company to lay new cabling. The work was very heavy but manageable as a machine…

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Motor Accident Claim Delivery Driver Pedestrian Knocked Down

Pedestrian Knocked Down – Liability Denied

HOW TAYLOR & SCOTT’S MOTOR ACCIDENT LAWYERS HELPED Our client was a delivery man going about his daily deliveries in Sydney. Tragically he was knocked down by a car and severely injured as he crossed a road making a delivery. In the accident he suffered a severe head injury as well as various orthopaedic injuries….

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TPD Successful Claim

TPD Claim Successful When Employer Placed in Liquidation

Our client, Mr W, was employed as a pipe layer and supervisor. Doing this employment, he sustained a serious injury to his back when he was required to move an oxygen gas bottle at work weighing more than 86kgs. The injury suffered by Mr W resulted in a long period off work, two back surgeries…

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Injury Quad Bike

Stable Hand Injured Whilst Riding “Dodgy” Quad Bike

Our client was a young female stable hand working at a riding school. She loved horses. Her days were long and involved a lot of heavy work including the cleaning out of the stables, exercising and grooming the horses. One of her jobs was to move various horses from one paddock to the other. To…

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Dust Compensation Payout

Dust Compensation Payout Achieved for Retired Roof Labourer

Recently, Ivan Simic, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury and an expert in dust asbestos exposure, secured a sizeable pay-out for a retired roofer who had contracted pleural plaques, pleural fibrosis and asbestos related pleural disease from his time working with asbestos sheeting in the roofing industry. Thommy had retired from work many years…

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Compensation for Scaffolder

Kiwi Scaffolder Compensated for Unsafe System of Work

Our client was a Kiwi scaffolder/labourer. He was used to hard work and had a very high tolerance to pain. Working for a labour hire company, he had been sent by the company to work on a high rise building where a substantial amount of maintenance work was needed. Part of his job was to…

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Will Dispute Same Sex Couple

Same Sex Couple Will Dispute & How Taylor & Scott Helped

Our client first met his partner in the early 1980s. At this time he was a young man living with his family overseas. Having left school, he continued to correspond with his much older Australian friend who came to visit him on several occasions. Eventually the older friend invited our client to visit him in…

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