Migration Health Waiver

What is a Migration Health Waiver?

Moving to Australia is only possible with an approved visa from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. There are a range of visa categories and non-Australian citizens are required to hold the correct visa depending on their reason for coming to Australia, whether it be for study, work or simply to live. The visa…

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Pet Owner Liable

When is a Pet Owner Liable?

For many Australians, life is unimaginable without their pet. In fact Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with dogs and cats among the most popular animals. Pets are dependable companions and for many pet owners, their dog or cat is considered a valued family member. Before a pet…

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Medical Negligence NSW

Medical Negligence Claims in NSW

CIVIL LIABILITY ACT Ordinarily, a claim for damages for personal injuries sustained due to the medical treatment you received in NSW will be governed by the Civil Liability Act. Any such claim is a two stage process. First, the treater/doctor/hospital must be shown to be liable. Only then does the matter proceed to the second…

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Third wave Asbestos Exposure

Third-wave Asbestos Exposure on the Rise

Australians love to renovate. According to the latest research from Roy Morgan, 62% of Australian home-owners did some kind of renovations in the last year, a figure that’s increased 5% over the last three years. Thanks to an endless supply of home renovation shows and online inspiration, the trend looks like it’s here to stay….

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Third Party Work Place Injury

Is Your Workplace Injury the Fault of a Third Party and Not Your Employer?

A workplace injury refers to any injury sustained whilst in the course of employment. Injuries may occur in the environment of the workplace or as a direct result of the work being undertaken. This broad definition means that workplace injuries can occur under all kinds of circumstances and environments, from construction sites to classrooms. Commonly,…

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Helping Your Children Through Divorce

Helping Your Children Through the Divorce

The decision to separate or divorce is rarely taken lightly, especially when a couple have children and breaking the news to them can be a particularly daunting part of the process. The revelation may come as a shock and, depending on their age, can be met with fear, anxiety and sadness. There’s no question that…

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Will Executor

The Role of an Executor Appointed in a Will

When creating their will, a person (testator/testatrix) will often appoint someone as their Executor. It is the duty of the executor to administer the deceased’s estate in accordance with their will. The Executor may be anyone over the age of 18, but is generally someone close to the testator such as a spouse, an adult…

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Spouse Reduces Asset Pool

When One Spouse Reduces or Tries to Reduce the Asset Pool

All too often in Family Law, lawyers as well as the court are faced with circumstances where one party tries to thwart their former spouse’s entitlements to a just and equitable property settlement by decreasing the size of the net asset pool available for division. Imagine this by way of example:   We have seen…

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Insurance Claim Rejected

Has Your Insurance Claim Been Rejected?

Life is unpredictable. Accidents happen, misfortune strikes and sometimes we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. For most Australians, insurance is a necessity, and prepares them for any number of unfortunate events. From car accidents and natural disasters to personal injuries and income protection, you can insure almost all aspects of your life, including…

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Child Support Agreements Explained

Child Support Agreements Explained

The law relating to child support was put into place to ensure that children are adequately supported by both parents and recognises they have an obligation to financially support their children. For most parents, child support will be determined for them in a child support assessment, issued by the Commonwealth Department of Human Services. However,…

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