Bullying & Sexual Harassment of Cleaner at Work Leads to Large Damages Payout

Cleaner sexual harassment bullying workers comp

Our client came to Australia from overseas, she had very limited English. She attended English classes and eventually was able to obtain employment as a cleaner. At work she started experiencing bullying and harassment from various male co-workers and supervisors. She spoke up and made a number of complaints but these fell on deaf ears. Not wanting to lose her job she went about her work and tried her best. Unfortunately the bullying and harassment continued. The harassment from one of her bosses became of a sexual nature. Inappropriate comments were made, touching occurred, texts were sent. Again all of her complaints to her employers were rejected and just laughed off.

Sadly she started to develop anxiety and depression. She became distressed and had to go off work. She consulted her GP who referred her to a psychologist for counselling. The doctor also prescribed anti-depressant medication. She was diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder. She could not go back to work. At one stage the Workers Compensation Insurance Company denied liability which again added to her anxiety and depression.

She attended psychiatrists for treatment and also on behalf of the Insurance Company. She was advised not to return to work. As a result of the harassment and bullying she has been left with a depressed mood, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, she feels scared and emotional. She has become socially withdrawn and suffers from lack of appetite and sleep deprivation. She also suffers from flashbacks and panic attacks.

Eventually she turned to the experts in bullying and sexual harassment claims here at Taylor & Scott.

Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in personal injury cases acted in her bullying and sexual harassment claim. Simon met with his client on numerous occasions. He listened sympathetically and advised her of her rights. He gathered together medical evidence and eventually launched a negligence claim against the host employer for the bullying and sexual harassment by its employees. Simon brought the claim in the District Court of New South Wales. He claimed damages for her pain and suffering, her loss of wages and her medical expenses. Eventually Simon was able to negotiate a very fair settlement of his client’s negligence case.

If you or someone you know suffers bullying and/or sexual harassment at work you may be entitled to bring a damages claim for negligence against your employer or against a third party. We invite you to contact us by ringing us on 1800 600 664 or completing the contact form on this page. Our team of expert Compensation Lawyers will treat you with sympathy and respect. We will do everything we can to maximise any entitlements that you may have.

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