No Win No Fee Policy – Compensation Lawyers -Our Guarantee to you

Compensation cases can become an expensive undertaking, although no bone-fide claim should be neglected due to limited finances. At Taylor & Scott Lawyers, we have a fee structure in place to ensure people can fight for their legal rights in personal injury compensation matters. Our “Guarantee” to you is that we will only charge fees if you win your case. We will assist you from day-one in your claim by deferring payment of our professional fees and expenses until your matter has been successfully resolved.

What does no win/no fee mean?

In most instances, we will pay all our running costs associated with your case until it has been resolved. This is called no win/no fee. A “win” or “successful conclusion of your matter” is defined as you recovering money from your opponent/defendant. This includes legal costs and expenses to be awarded to you during claim proceedings, at trial or in any settlement. If we investigate your personal injury matter and believe you have a case, we will not ask you for any money until the successful conclusion of your matter – “Guaranteed.”

No win/no fee is a conditional agreement containing legally binding rules to protect the claimant and lawyer. It’s important to understand that there are variations on the no win/no fee theme that some scheming law firms take advantage of, such as charging exorbitant search fees and other legal costs, regardless of claim outcomes. These expenses, called outlay fees, are all covered by Taylor & Scott’s no win/no fee policy, with zero reimbursement until your claim is successful. Outlay fees generally cover research and investigation, including:

  • Arranging Medical Examinations with Expert Doctors
  • Obtaining copies of medical records
  • Obtaining copies of police records
  • Obtaining other evidence and witness statements

What is the benefit for lawyers working on a no win/no fee basis?

Taylor & Scott Lawyers offer a comprehensive consultation prior to taking on your case. We fully investigate your claim and only proceed with legal action if we believe the case has good potential for a winning outcome. By offering a no win/no fee guarantee, we can assist those who wouldn’t otherwise have the financial resources available to make a claim. Additionally, our team of compensation experts perform all searches and collect documentation efficiently, allowing your compensation claim to get started straight away.

How does no win no fee work?

Compensation is often most needed during challenging times when finances are weak. Uncertainty and stress often prevail, and assistance is required. With Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers, payment isn’t an obstacle during legal proceedings. Only when the case is complete, and you win, do you have to pay anything. Therefore, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.  This is Taylor & Scott’s “Guarantee” to you.  However, this does not preclude the possibility that if you lose your case, a court might order you to pay the other side’s costs. There are several factors involved when determining our fees, including:

  • Time and labour involved in dealing with the case
  • Your chosen lawyer’s level of experience
  • Limitations or restrictions affecting case outcomes
  • Relationship specifics between you and your lawyer

How do I know if my claim should be based on a no win/no fee agreement?

Taylor & Scott Lawyers have been assisting Australians and overseas visitors since 1905, and we remain a familiar name to this day. Our lawyers are all highly qualified in their specialist fields, some with decades of case-winning negotiations on their side. This vast experience allows us to accurately ascertain your chances of compensation and confidently offer a no win/no fee service. Your free 40-minute consultation is the easy, no cost means to get your claim underway.

Exclusion of workers compensation claims from our no win/no fee policy:

Please note that in workers compensation claims, our no win/no fee policy does not apply. If we believe your workers compensation claim has merit, we will apply to WIRO for a grant of legal assistance to cover all costs in your claim.

At Taylor & Scott “We Care For You.”