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Lachlan Riches

Migration Agent Registered No. 9473887
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Migration Law, Employment Law

Andrew Woo

Lawyer and Migration Agent (No. 1383628)
Registered No. 1383628
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Compensation Law, Migration Law

Q & A

Can I Submit An EOI Even If I Have Not Completed An English Test And Skills Assessment Prior To Submitting An EOI?
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What If I Have Made Inadvertent Errors When Entering Data In SkillSelect Resulting In Them Being Given A Higher Invitation Score?
What If I Realise That I Have Made Inadvertent Errors Before The Issuance Of An Invitation Or My Circumstances Have Changed To Guarantee A Higher Invitation Score?
Can I Update the Details In the EOI If An Invitation Has Already Been Issued And Is Still Valid?
What Should I Do If I Have Received An Invitation Due To Inaccuracies In My EOI When It Should Not Have Been Issued But For The Inaccuracies In The First Place?