Bus Accidents

Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident before 30th November 2017?

You can still get your personal injury claims in. Old laws apply to people injured before the new CTP Scheme kicked in on 1st December 2017, so don’t miss out on compensation.


Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident after 1st December 2017?

The new CTP Scheme that commenced on 1st December 2017, significantly affects motor accident compensation claims.


If you are injured as the result of negligence involving a bus here in NSW, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries.

All buses in NSW must be registered and all buses must have CTP greenslip insurance cover. Buses can be owned by Government, for example, the blue and red Government buses that are commonly seen throughout greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.  

Buses can be privately owned such as the yellow buses owned and operated by Westbus which operate throughout the north and western areas of Sydney.   

Buses can be owned by national/interstate operators, such as Pioneer or Greyhound, or they may be privately owned, such as tour operators who may be very small, for example, private operators transporting passengers from various areas of NSW to airports, or private operators operating small boutique tours, for example, up to the Hunter Valley for wine tastings, or to the Blue Mountains on scenic tours.

If your injuries are as a result of travelling in a bus, then it is important to contact the experts in bus accident compensation here at Taylor & Scott.

Bus accidents/injuries can arise due to the negligence of the driver. Examples are of drivers driving too fast, failing to give way to other vehicles on the road, falling asleep at the wheel, driving dangerously such as speeding in the wet, on slippery or on icy roads.  

All of these circumstances would give rise to a motor accident claim against the registered owner of the bus and their greenslip insurer. Bus accident compensation can also be claimed in circumstances where a driver brakes suddenly causing injury, or fails to allow passengers alighting from the bus to exit safely. Sometimes buses cause injury when they drive too close to pedestrians. This can happen when buses are turning corners, reversing or travelling in areas where pedestrians are close to roadways, particularly in shopping centres and near schools.

On occasions, injured persons are not sure who is to blame. In these circumstances, it is imperative to contact the expert bus accident compensation lawyers here at Taylor & Scott who will do everything they can to determine who is at fault.

If you do receive injuries in a bus accident of any description, we suggest you follow the procedure outlined hereunder in order to have the best opportunity of receiving compensation for your bus accident. We suggest you:-

  • Do your best to get the registered number of the bus.
  • Note the time of the incident.
  • Note the street on which the incident occurred.
  • Take down the name of the driver.
  • You should ensure that the driver is made aware that you have been injured.
  • You, or a family member, ought to contact the bus company involved to inform them of your accident. Make sure you take down the name of the person that you speak to.
  • Get to a doctor or hospital.
  • Report the incident as soon as possible to the Police.
  • Ensure that a Motor Accident Claim Form is completed and submitted to the relevant greenslip insurer (if you are unsure about this aspect, contact our team of bus accident experts here at Taylor & Scott who will assist you in completing this form).

If you, a family member, friend or acquaintance is injured here in NSW as the result of bus negligence, please contact our team of bus accident compensation experts here at Taylor & Scott at your earliest opportunity so they can assist you with your claim.

In all bus accidents, Taylor & Scott offer a Free Case Assessment. If we act for you, we will act on a no-win/no-pay basis, which means if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. If you are unable to attend one of our offices, we will make arrangements to confer with you at home, hospital or other place at a time convenient to yourself.

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