Motor vehicle accident motorbike

Motorbike Rider Seriously Injured in Accident – Substantial Damages Awarded

Our client worked in the security industry. On this day, he was riding his motorbike to work when a car travelling in the opposite direction turned across his path seriously injuring our client. In the accident, he was knocked unconscious, received numerous injuries to his wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, knee, ribs, back and a punctured…

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Pedestrian Knocked Down P-Plater

Librarian Knocked Down by Reversing Motor Vehicle

Recently our motor accident team here at Taylor & Scott concluded a claim for a librarian. Our client had finished work at the Library and was walking to the train station to go home. She needed to cross the road. She checked for vehicles, allowed one to pass her, saw that the way was clear…

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Motor Accident Claim Delivery Driver Pedestrian Knocked Down

Pedestrian Knocked Down – Liability Denied

HOW TAYLOR & SCOTT’S MOTOR ACCIDENT LAWYERS HELPED Our client was a delivery man going about his daily deliveries in Sydney. Tragically he was knocked down by a car and severely injured as he crossed a road making a delivery. In the accident he suffered a severe head injury as well as various orthopaedic injuries….

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Injured Pedestrian Wins Compensation

Injured Pedestrian Wins Compensation Although Contributory Negligence Alleged by Insurance Company

Our client was on her way to work. Having left the railway station, she was walking towards her workplace. At one point, she needed to cross a road. As she crossed, she heard a loud engine noise from a car coming around a corner nearby. Unfortunately, she was struck by the car and thrown into…

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Motor Vehicle Accident Successful Claim

Shop Assistant’s Life Ruined as a Result of Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was a very loyal hardworking shop assistant working full time for one of the large supermarket chains. She enjoyed hard work and caring for her family. She did a lot around the home including mowing the lawn and washing her car as her husband worked away from home in the mining industry. Tragically…

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Motor Accident Contributory Negligence

Extremely Difficult Motor Accident Claim Success – Contributory Negligence

  FACTS OF MOTOR ACCIDENT INJURY CLAIM Our client was a front seat passenger in a motor vehicle being driven by his wife on a country road. It was late at night and our client and his wife had been to a hotel where alcohol had been consumed. Whilst driving home, our client’s wife lost…

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Motor Bike Rider Hit By Car

Motorbike Rider Hit by Car – It Pays to Get Expert Legal Advice Before Settlement

  FACTS OF MOTOR ACCIDENT CASE Our client was a carpenter who was riding his motorbike one weekend when a car pulled out into his path causing him to be thrown from his bike onto the bonnet of the motor vehicle. As a result of the car driver’s negligence, our client suffered injuries to his…

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Motor Vehicle Accident - Driver on the Phone

Motor Car Accident Injures Driver, Negligent Driver of Vehicle Behind “On The Phone”

FACTS OF MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT Our client had been out socially with friends. He was headed home. As he drove along, he noticed the traffic lights up ahead were changing to red. He slowed down and came to a stop at the lights. A vehicle driven by a young lady was travelling in the same…

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Car Accident - Lucky to Survive

Project Manager Lucky to Survive Car Accident

  CAR ACCIDENT CLAIM Our client was on his way to work in his utility. He stopped at a set of traffic lights in order to make a right hand turn. Without warning, a truck crashed into the back of his vehicle, tossing it into the air and flipping it on its side. Fortunately the…

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Car Accident Compensation - Rear End Collision

Car Accident Compensation Awarded to Client Injured in Rear End Collision

Recently the motor accident compensation legal team here at Taylor & Scott successfully concluded a claim for a lady driver who was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident. Our client had been on maternity leave and had arranged to visit work with her new baby to agree upon a suitable date to return to…

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