Shopping Centre Fall

Senior Citizen’s Visit to Shopping Centre Ends in Broken Hip & Torn Shoulder

Our 90 year old client enjoyed outings with her son and daughter. A fiercely independent lady, she was able to maintain her own home and care for herself. An outing to the local shopping centre ended in “disaster” when our client and her daughter, who were walking arm in arm through the shopping centre, both…

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Slip and Fall - Leaky Supermarket Roof

Leaky Supermarket Roof Slip & Fall Claim

Our client was walking through a supermarket in order to buy his lunch. Heading into the supermarket he made for the deli section. It had been raining heavily outside. As he walked along, without warning his feet flew out from under him. In the fall he suffered an injury to his back. NEGLIGENCE OF THE…

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Retiree Brings Public Liability Insurance Claim Following Slip And Fall In Supermarket

FACTS OF SLIP AND FALL CLAIM Our client who is retired, had accompanied his wife to the supermarket to do the weekly shopping.  As he walked down an aisle, his feet flew out from under him causing him to fall backwards.  In an effort to break his fall, he put out his arm causing a…

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Slip And Fall Victim Brings Public Liability Insurance Claim

Recently our litigation team acted for a heavily pregnant mum who suffered a Slip and Fall in a shopping centre. THE SLIP AND FALL FACTS Our client was walking with her mum in the shopping centre when her feet flew out from under her.  She fell heavily to the floor, injuring her knee.  At this…

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Visit To Supermarket – Disastrous Consequences

Recently David Hartstein, Accredited Specialist at Taylor & Scott, and his team, concluded a case for a tradesman who loved to cook. Our client wanted to cook a special meal for his family, so with shopping list in hand he set about buying the necessary ingredients at the local supermarket. As he pushed his shopping…

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Slip On Water In Shopping Centre

Our client was shopping at her local shopping centre when she slipped on water in the car park. She sustained a fracture to her toes and needed to wear a cam walker for some six weeks and had a number weeks off work. Our client’s specialist advised her that she may need surgery in the…

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