Compensation Lawyers – Medical

All health care professionals and health-industry employees are expected to provide competent treatment and advice. If a failure to act with reasonable care results in injury or other detrimental medical outcomes, a claim for damages is justified. Medical Compensation Lawyers require comprehensive knowledge of their specialist field. They are skilled negotiators with insurance companies, medical representatives and legal opponents, all with the intent of gaining the best compensation outcomes for clients.

Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers include Medical Compensation specialists with decades of experience satisfying client expectations. Compensation Law is a broad field for overseeing claims, including those related to workers compensation, motor vehicle accident compensation and personal injury compensation, so it’s important to have a highly-qualified legal practitioner on your side. Taylor & Scott Medical Compensation Lawyers are the right people to help you get the full damages you deserve.

How can I tell if I have a good medical negligence claim chance?

The fact is, until you speak to the experts you won’t ‘really’ know if your claim is likely to be successful. Taylor & Scott Lawyers offer a no-obligation, confidential and comprehensive review of your claim and make a final decision to take your case based on input and suggestions from other legal representatives and independent doctors when required. At Taylor & Scott, we are a team with all bases covered, ready to offer you our ‘no win-no fee’ guarantee as soon as we commence with your medical compensation proceedings. In other words, we will inform you of your medical negligence claim chances at the outset, and oversee the entire procedure until completion, all without you needing to spend a cent.

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How do medical negligence lawyers make a difference?

Only a highly competent medical negligence lawyer can extract full compensation payment in many cases. Medical specialties are related to every human function, and collaboration with the appropriate medical experts is imperative for achieving best result, with Taylor & Scott experience making the difference. Medical compensation lawyers take real care to see that you and your loved ones are provided with sound legal advice.

What are the steps for making a medical negligence claim?

Even basic legal transactions can become confusing for regular Australians, and when a compensation claim involves other people with vested interests disputing the claim, negotiations can become extremely complex. A medical compensation settlement is often brokered with the medical practitioner accused of negligence, their insurance company and their legal representatives, so a thorough understanding of NSW Compensation Law is essential to broker the best deal.

Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers investigate individual claim specifics on your behalf. Our long-standing and professional relationships with the best medical experts ensure Taylor & Scott medical compensation claims have the best chance of success. We are on hand to answer questions, assist with paperwork and guide you through the claim process every step of the way.

Medical negligence compensation specifics

A medical negligence claim needs to be supported by proof of suffering or disability that meets legal thresholds. You will also need to prove there was a threshold breach of care by the treating doctor or care giver. We help you establish proof of unreasonable or inappropriate actions (medical negligence) and provide you with confidence to undertake what can be a long compensation process. Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers get on with the case while you get on with your life. Medical practitioners at fault can include:

  • General Practitioners
  • Specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Medical and hospital support staff
  • Allied health professionals including osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors

Taylor & Scott Lawyers collaborate with medical experts who are familiar with your circumstances, allowing us to confidently represent your case. In most situations, settlement is achieved out of court for an amicable financial resolution all round. New South Wales law allows three years from discovery of negligence for affected persons to make a claim, although longer time periods are acceptable in some instances. If you believe you deserve medical negligence damages, proceeding with claim enquiries in consultation with Taylor & Scott Lawyers is the best first step. At Taylor & Scott, ‘We Care For You’.