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Every employer in New South Wales is expected to provide a safe work place for employees. Legislation includes enforcement of safe work practices, along with compensation for employees who are injured performing work-related activities. If there is negligence on behalf of the employer that results in a work injury, the employee may be entitled to sue for ‘work injury damages’ or other forms of compensation.

‘Damages’ refers to the sum of money required to compensate for losses caused by workplace incidents and accidents that result in loss or injury. This includes both physical and psychological impairment, including the effects of long-term exposure to harmful workplace substances such as asbestos and silica dust. Work injury damages compensation law enables NSW workers to claim for past and future earnings, with successful claim outcomes allowing people to plan ahead with financial confidence. Taylor & Scott Workers Compensation Lawyers provide that confidence.

What will workers compensation lawyers do to assist?

Fortunately, most workers compensation claims are relatively straight-forward, but that doesn’t make things easier for people waiting at home while recuperating from accident or injury. Due to the nature of work injuries, a ‘Work Injury Damages’ claim cannot be lodged less than 6 months after the work-related incident, and claim proceedings can take several years before damages are awarded. For this reason, it’s important to employ the services of a dedicated team with the capacity to oversee workers compensation claim proceedings and overcome obstacles using legal negotiation expertise.

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Taylor & Scott Workers Compensation Lawyers deliver financial freedom, including:

  • Weekly payments to cover past and future wage loss
  • Payment of medical expenses and ongoing rehabilitation
  • Vocational training expenses related to career modifications or a return to work
  • Lump sum payment for people suffering from permanent injury or impairment

Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers are trained industry specialists dedicated to compensation law. Only a highly-trained and duly qualified expert can be expected to deliver the claim outcomes you deserve, so take advantage of our ‘no win-no fee’ guarantee and get your compensation claim started, without risking a cent.

Do I need NSW compensation expert lawyers on my side?

The New South Wales State Government enforces compensation laws applicable to all residents and visitors. When dealing with regional workers compensation issues it’s a good idea to employ the services of local experts, and with more than 110 years serving the people of Sydney and regional NSW, Taylor & Scott Workers Compensation Lawyers are the obvious first choice.

While workers compensation claims can be simple, it’s just as likely for a case to drag on for years, sucking the financial life out of claimants and forcing them to give up all hope. For a tailored claim, solutions-based approach, and pro-active negotiation skills, expert assistance is required that only Taylor & Scott can provide. Anticipation of an expected windfall is no reason to take risks with money, and your investment in expert legal assistance will ultimately maximise compensation damages potential. The sheer amount of paperwork and evidence based documentation involved in a compensation claim is overwhelming for most people; a situation exacerbated when opposing lawyers and insurance companies are involved in the negotiations.

How do I know expert compensation lawyers provide fair compensation?

Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers are on your side of the legal battle. In fact, in most situations we don’t get paid unless our clients win the case. Only after thorough complementary investigation of your claim’s winning potential will we proceed, and if we don’t think your case has merit for a successful claim outcome, we will honestly tell you so and provide the reasons why.

Our job isn’t to provide compensation, but to present the best possible winning compensation claim on your behalf. Every single compensation claim is different, so at Taylor & Scott Lawyers we treat you as an individual with specific needs and expectations that require addressing. Our goal is to complete your workers compensation claim proceedings in a timely and efficient manner and assist you in achieving the degree of financial freedom you deserve.

At Taylor & Scott, ‘We Care For You”.