Australians have the good fortune of living in a country where individual rights are protected by law. Anyone can claim financial compensation when injury or trauma has occurred due to another’s negligence. However, man made laws aren’t always perfect, and disputes can become complex, with legal representatives becoming moderators discerning fact from fiction. In addition, the sheer amount of paperwork and documentation makes targeted and experienced legal assistance imperative for a confident negligence claim presentation.

Potentially successful negligence claims are determined at the outset, and choosing the best possible legal representation provides greater opportunity for maximum payout.  It’s true that negligence claim numbers have skyrocketed in recent decades, and although outlandish claims are more likely to make the headlines, dozens of real Australians benefit every day from the assistance of reputable compensation lawyers in achieving desirable negligence claim outcomes.

How do I choose a good compensation lawyer?

The legal field is divided into numerous categories and sub-categories governing every Australian law. Compensation lawyers are specialists with broad powers, although higher legal qualifications provide additional weight in specialised compensation fields. Taylor and Scott Lawyers are a highly  qualified team of compensation professionals with decades of experience, an enviable reputation, and a history of successful outcomes. With a Sydney CBD head office, and associated practices in suburban Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong combined with a willingness to assist clients throughout N.S.W.  Taylor and Scott have most NSW residents covered.

Medical Negligence Claim

What type of negligence can I be compensated for?

Safeguarding citizens (and  compensating them for others wrongdoing) is the role of negligence laws, although accidents and incidents are inevitable at some point. Proactive security and care, along with reactive medical and emergency services, are in place to assist casualties with prompt first aid and assistance, although long-term recuperation is variable and complete recovery sometimes impossible. If regular activities or work are hampered or stopped due to the negligence of another person, a negligence compensation claim is the proper legal course of action to take.

Negligence can occur anywhere and at any time, although negligence claims are more common in certain industries. Medical negligence claims, for example, are growing rapidly due to the upsurge in elective plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures by Australians, including people visiting Asian countries on ‘medical tourism’. Financial negligence is another area affecting too many people, such as those who have lost money in bad investments or to swindlers peddling get-rich-quick schemes. Negligence can result in physical harm, emotional and psychological distress, monetary loss and many other difficulties, so claiming restitution is the right thing to do. Negligence claims cover a range of events, including:

  • Medical negligence by a doctor; hospital or nursing staff
  • Physical assault by another person
  • Psychological and emotional distress caused by another person
  • Injuries sustained on public land or in public places
  • Slip and fall injuries in public or private places
  • Negligent act by Employers or their Employees.
  • Motor vehicle accident negligence
  • Financial negligence and monetary disputes

Professional Negligence

What can my negligence compensation claim cover?

From the time of injury or outset of suffering, a person’s life is changed. Our Australian society still demands a degree of equality, particularly when it comes to a reasonable standard of living. In cases where someone is unable to continue regular activities due to negligence, damages can be claimed in the form of financial compensation to cover a range of issues, including:

  • All medical expenses
  • Monetary payout to cover past, present and future pain and suffering
  • Monetary payout to cover past, present and future economic loss
  • Domestic care and other assistance required on an ongoing basis
  • Household alterations to assist functional living
  • All legal costs including searches, documentation and paperwork

How will Taylor and Scott Lawyers assist my negligence claim?

Anyone who has attempted large projects entailing voluminous forms and documents realises how confusing things can quickly become. It takes years of experience before lawyers are fully accustomed to all negligence claim variables, and finding compensation solutions that save time and money is a task best left in the hands of experts. Here are just a few ways Taylor and Scott Lawyers can help:

  • Determining at the outset if you have a valid and strong negligence claim
  • Providing full guidance and instructions for presenting your negligence claim
  • Determining your potential negligence claim payout
  • Detailing the chances of successful claim outcomes
  • Providing guidelines and timelines for negligence claim procedural steps

Best of all, the above assistance is all complimentary, as part of your comprehensive and confidential consultation. We make sure all details are in place prior to commencing legal action whenever you are ready. Taylor and Scott Lawyers are dedicated negligence compensation specialists with a reputation built on client success, so no stone is left unturned in achieving the best possible results every time.