NSW Compensation

Australia is a huge country and New South Wales is a large state covering more than 800,000 km². NSW compensation laws include the familiar Workers Compensation Act 1987, and the evolution of legal rights means there is now recourse for victims of wide-ranging workplace, school or community accidents and incidents. Addressing state-wide compensation needs is a task for highly renowned legal firms such as Taylor and Scott Lawyers, a diverse team of experts who are ready to provide readily accessible guidance. Peace of mind required for long distance legal wrangling is a real bonus when Taylor and Scott compensation lawyers are on your side.

NSW compensation laws are in part designed to protect individuals from danger, while also encouraging employers, building owners and business people to create safe and effective environments. Progressive employers understand the importance of security and safety, but unfortunately, negligence is still permissive and compensation action is entirely justified on many occasions. NSW compensation laws provide sweeping powers for genuinely aggrieved individuals to demand recompense, regardless of age or occupation.

How can I get legal assistance in other parts of NSW?

With Sydney offices in the CBD, Lidcombe and Campbelltown, plus regional facilities in Newcastle and Wollongong, Taylor and Scott lawyers reach most NSW people. Others who live in outlying towns and remote areas, require certainty that their case is in good hands, and communication is ongoing. Since establishment in 1905, Taylor and Scott Lawyers have served the people of Sydney and surrounds, while visitors from further afield appreciate maximum value from a courteous and confidential consultation. As a ‘no win no fee’ lawyer, we are on your side during every stage of your claim, remaining in touch and available for guidance or information at all times.

Skin Cancer Workers Compensation

Is compensation only for work related incidents?

NSW and Australian governments aspire to create a safe society for people to enjoy and appreciate. Immense resources have been piled into workplace safety, with encouraging results. Nevertheless, accidents can happen any-time and anywhere due to negligence, improper behaviour, carelessness or just plain bad luck, and attributing blame is often a job only the legal system can sort out. NSW compensation laws are designed to cover all individuals at all times, whether at work, school, or home. NSW compensation claims can be applied in many settings, including:

  • Workers compensation
  • Medical law
  • Public liability
  • Asbestos claims
  • Criminal law
  • Wills + will disputes

The above are small sample of typical NSW compensation claim scenarios. For more information regarding individual claim circumstances or capacity, plus any advice moving forward, look no further than Taylor and Scott Lawyers, the NSW compensation specialists.

Isn’t it too expensive to hire a lawyer?

NSW compensation laws are designed to assist the claimant. Up-front fees are sometimes discouraged and contingency fees illegal. Lawyers that charge by the hour can also be avoided for most compensation matters. The ideal is dedicated ‘no win no fee’ legal assistance holding high compensation law qualifications. When the appropriate knowledge base and skill-set are applied with legal experience, the chances of successful compensation outcomes are higher. In addition, much compensation law is humdrum paperwork and documentation, a chore that Taylor and Scott experts will complete in a thorough and timely fashion, with no payment due until the case is complete and compensation paid.

Injury Compensation Time Limits

How long will my case take to complete?

Experienced compensation lawyers can ascertain expected time-frames according to individual claim details. This already provides an advantage, ensuring that documents and other information is processed in proper sequence, and the claim progresses as smoothly as possible. Clients require assurance that their claim is being treated as a priority, particularly people from outside major NSW population centres, or those without immediate access to information. Fortunately, at Taylor and Scott, a realistic timeline is provided at the outset, and work on your case begins the moment you choose us to represent your interests.

How much compensation should I claim?

Much of NSW’s compensation law is long-established, and although intricate, the law also provides indications on expected payouts for various situations. An expert compensation lawyer should be able to give clear guidance regarding the value of your particular claim. Although this dollar amount is only an estimate, it does provide a starting point and guidance moving forward. It’s important to provide factual and complete information in every case, as the expected outcomes are reliant on the full and honest information provided.