Fall at Supermarket: Substantial Slip & Fall Settlement Secured

Supermarket Slip & Fall

Our client had gone to do her weekly shopping for her family at the local shopping centre.  It was raining as she drove into the shopping centre carpark.  Before doing her grocery shopping, she visited several other shops over the course of an hour.  Having completed the other shopping, she headed to the trolley bay at the supermarket.  She was not in a rush.  She was wearing rubber soled “sensible” shoes.  Carrying her handbag she approached the trolley bay to collect her shopping trolley.  Without warning, her feet flew out from under her and she fell heavily to the supermarket floor.

She was winded and in pain.  As she lay on the floor she noticed water on the floor.  She could see where her shoes had skidded through the water.  Looking around, there were no mats laid on the floor.  There were no signs warning customers to be careful as there was water on the floor.  Store management came to her aid and took details from our client.  Fortunately, several independent witnesses offered assistance and provided their details so that she had independent witnesses who had seen exactly what had occurred.

She managed to get herself home even though she was in a fair amount of pain.  As the evening wore on, the pain continued to increase.  The next day she visited her local doctor. X-rays and ultrasounds followed in respect to her shoulder and hip which had taken the full impact of the fall.  Over the next few weeks there was no improvement in her condition and so her doctor referred her off to an orthopaedic specialist.  The specialist advised that she needed a course of cortisone injections into her shoulder and hip.  This course of treatment continued over several months.

Our client had recently succeeded in obtaining employment having been a stay at home mum for several years whilst she brought up her children.  Unfortunately her new job required the use of both arms in an extended position “hairdressing” and because of her injured shoulder she found it impossible to perform her job and therefore had to give up her new employment.

Being greatly concerned about her future, particularly in respect to the physical impact of the fall on her and her inability to work, she consulted the experts in slip and fall cases here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers.  Michelle Meigan, who is a Senior Associate here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers and an expert in slip and fall cases, conferred with her client.  Having taken detailed instructions, she advised her that she believed she had a viable public liability claim against the supermarket and against their cleaning contractors who had failed to keep the floor dry and had failed to warn shoppers of the water lying on the floor.

Michelle obtained the services of an expert engineer in slip and falls who attended at the supermarket to carry out an examination of the floor and who then provided a detailed report on liability.  Michelle also obtained medical reports from her client’s treating doctors.  Armed with all this evidence, she then launched a negligence case in the District Court of NSW.  Prior to the matter coming on for hearing in the court, a settlement conference was held where Michelle was able to obtain a very satisfactory settlement on behalf of her client compensating her not only for her injuries and medical expenses but also compensating her for her financial losses in having to give up her newly obtained employment.

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