Harassed, Bullied and Threatened Shop Worker Wins Major Damages Payout

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Every now and then you get to meet a client who has suffered just too much tragedy in their lives. This particular client worked as a shop assistant. During her life, she has had to deal with one crisis after another.

The death of her newborn baby was a tragedy that she had to bear, but with the help of her loving husband and family, she survived and moved on. She had more children. Life was on the up. Tragically another child was killed in an accident. Again, with the help of her husband and family she got through this terrible episode and moved on as best she could. Then several years ago, her husband became ill and passed away.

There was no denying that these three tragedies took a serious toll on our client. She had bouts of depression and anxiety but did her best to get on with her life. She secured work as a shop assistant. She loved her work. Her life was turned upside down by the actions of a co-worker and her employer. This particular co-worker for some reason hated our client. At every turn he would abuse and threaten her. He called her vile names. He made threatening gestures. In short, he made her life hell. Reluctantly our client sought out her manager and explained what was going on. One would have thought that any decent manager would do their best to sort out the problem. Instead of dealing with the issue, management tried to sweep it under the carpet.

Needless to say our client’s condition became fragile and she started to experience severe bouts of depression and anxiety. She attempted to work but the aggression and abuse continued. Further complaints were made to management and eventually they acted. The co-worker was moved to another store. Our client hoped that this would be the end of it and she could get on with her life. Unfortunately this was not to be. The co-worker started visiting the store where our client worked. Verbal abuse and threats followed. Our client’s world collapsed. She was a nervous wreck. Her depression and anxiety reached a new high. She became socially withdrawn. She couldn’t work. She felt helpless and abandoned by her employer and senior management.

A workers compensation claim was made and our client needed active intervention from the medical profession over a long period of time. Any hope of a recovery was dashed and our client eventually had to give up work. Not knowing where to turn or what to do, she was referred by her Union to Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury here at Taylor & Scott. Simon attended upon his client, listened to her with a sympathetic ear and explained to her that her employer had failed in their duty of care and therefore they were liable in negligence.  

A work injury damages claim was launched. Simon, appreciative of the fragility of his client, invited the insurer representing the defendant to a mediation and we are pleased to report was able to facilitate a resolution of her negligence claim by way of a substantial settlement.  

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