Income Replacement Insurance Claims

If you are unable to work due to a medical condition, you may qualify for income cover under an income replacement insurance policy. Also known as income protection insurance, this financial safety net is important for all workers who rely on their income for maintaining quality of life. Income replacement insurance provides peace of mind, allowing workers and their families to function as usual, without financial distractions or hardship during recovery from injury or other medical condition.

Most workers in NSW have some type of income protection insurance as part of their superannuation, or as a separate insurance through their employer, union or another organisation. Unfortunately, income protection insurance is often overlooked or misunderstood by employers and employees when it’s needed most. Insurance is much more than an employer obligation or workplace legislation – it’s the assurance that life can go on as normal no matter what happens.

What will an income protection lawyer do for me?

This area of law can be complex and difficult to understand, while some employers and insurers are reluctant to assist with claims. Without appropriate documentation and evidence, the claim process will stall, and probably fail, but Taylor & Scott are here to help.

Our expert team is led by Ray McClenahan (Partner & Accredited Specialist) and Michelle Meigan (Associate of the Firm). Combined they have over 40 years of experience acting for injured workers. Our representation on your behalf includes:

  • Seeking details of any policy of insurance from your employer or their insurer
  • Carefully examining this policy and providing you with frank advice as to whether we believe you can make a claim
  • Gathering medical evidence in support of your claim
  • Assisting you in completing all forms to make a claim
  • Negotiating with the insurer on your behalf
  • Litigating your claim only as a last resort
  • We will keep you fully informed every step of the way

What medical evidence is required to make a claim?

Undertaking complex legal procedures can get frustrating and just a little bewildering. There is a lot of paperwork involved, especially if injuries or ailments require surgical intervention or ongoing treatment. All medical evidence should be retained and presented along with other claim documentation for an accurate claim outcome. Injuries can be relatively minor or result in partial or total disability, with claim assessments reflecting the severity of symptoms and expected degree of recovery.

In addition, ongoing medical examinations will determine eligibility for continued payments. In most policies the income protection stream is paid monthly, covering up to 75% of regular salary. Payments can continue for a number of years, making income protection insurance a viable alternative to life insurance for people who believe they still have a lot of living to do.

How can compensation lawyers help my claim?

Compensation law is a specialist field designed to protect all Australians. Although workplace and car accident compensation scenarios are familiar to most people, other compensation streams include negligence claims, public liability injuries, dog attacks, holiday accidents, medical negligence and more. Taylor & Scott are dedicated compensation law specialists fully experienced in the art of winning difficult cases.

Insurance legislation is complex but consistent, and with the right assistance your compensation claim can become a persuasive legal document. Insurance assessors perform close inspection of all documents, as financial remuneration is based on standard calculations rather than the whim of a judge, and payouts are made according to the rule of law. It’s worth keeping claim expectations realistic, as ludicrously large payouts are uncommon.

As an additional incentive, compensation lawyers at Taylor & Scott work on a no-win/no-fee basis, providing you with the certainty to make a claim free from financial obligation. Making an income replacement claim can be humbling for those used to hard work for a fair day’s pay, but when life’s essentials and family comforts are compromised, it’s worth sacrificing pride, contacting Taylor & Scott compensation lawyers, and getting recovery back on track.

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