Worker Injured In Mine Accident. Country Lawyer Calls On Taylor & Scott’s Expertise To Assist With Negligence Claim

Photo helmet and pick commemorating the death of miners, black and white photo
Photo helmet and pick commemorating the death of miners, black and white photo

Recently, the litigation team at Taylor & Scott finalised a negligence claim for a mine worker who had gone to his local country solicitor seeking assistance following an accident at work.

The country solicitor took details of the accident but advised his client that he thought it would be in the client’s best interests to use the expertise of Taylor & Scott Lawyers as they have a lot of experience in dealing with negligence claims and assisting country solicitors.

The solicitor contacted Taylor & Scott and arrangements were made for one of our senior Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury to attend at the country solicitor’s office and to interview the injured worker. Following this, our team commenced a negligence claim on behalf of the injured mine worker. The claim was successfully completed with the mine worker receiving substantial monetary damages for the injuries that he had received.

Commenting on the case, the Managing Partner at Taylor & Scott, Gervase Liddy, said:

“It is now quite common for country lawyers to retain our specialist services, particularly in complicated personal injury litigation where the expertise of the country lawyer may be lacking. Our team quite often will act for a client and when the case is finalised, return the client to the country solicitor who will continue to act for the client dealing with all other legal work that he or she may require. We are only too happy to discuss individual cases with country solicitors and provide our services wherever possible”.

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