Negligence Claims  

Australians are a hardy bunch, willing to dust themselves off and move on when minor injuries occur. After all, accidents happen to everyone at some point, and staying safe isn’t always easy for active, adventurous people and those working in dangerous occupations. However, negligence laws are designed to safeguard people regardless of activity or occupation, and when accidents or injuries occur requiring medical attention, the oversight by Taylor & Scott negligence lawyers is highly advisable.

Q. What is a professional negligence claim?

A. When injury or loss is suffered due to someone else’s negligence, it’s often possible to make a negligence compensation claim. In many cases where the incident is work related, a company insurance policy will be in place to cover such eventualities, but there are lots of other situations that can result in a negligence claim. Examples include:

  • Falling over on a slippery floor
  • Stepping into an unguarded hole
  • Being bitten by a dog
  • Suffering injury due to building hazards
  • Receiving negligent financial advice

Professional negligence is understood as a breach of the duty of care between professionals and their clients. As can be ascertained, all professional occupations are guided by laws, industry standards and company guidelines, and if inferior service results in disadvantage to the client, a valid negligence compensation claim could be possible.

Q. Is workers compensation a negligence claim?

A. Australian industries and businesses are governed by occupational health and safety standards. In addition, workers compensation schemes cover people who are injured while carrying out regular occupational duties. Employees are eligible for compensation if they are injured physically or psychologically at work or during work-related activities, or suffering disease caused, aggravated or exacerbated by work in the workplace.

Workers compensation is a safety net so individuals and families can maintain quality of life after life-changing incidents. Workers who have suffered workplace related injury or illness may be entitled to a range of benefits, including:

  • Weekly payments for covering regular earning capacity
  • Payments for past, present and future medical expenses
  • Vocational rehabilitation expenses
  • Lump sum payout in cases of permanent impairment or injury

If you are injured in any circumstances, either physically, psychologically or financially, you may have a negligence claim, and seeking the guidance of Taylor & Scott compensation lawyers is strongly advised.

Professional Negligence

Q. How can I be compensated for medical negligence?

A. It’s important to seek legal advice from experts in negligence claims. Medical negligence claims require exhaustive support information to provide a genuine case for assessment. Medical negligence claims are becoming common, in part due to the surge in elective cosmetic surgery procedures, but mistakes can be made even at the best hospitals, and Taylor & Scott Lawyers are ready to give any genuine compensation proposal a fair hearing. Medical negligence scenarios include:

  • Failure to recommend antenatal testing
  • Failure or delay in diagnosis
  • Failure to monitor a condition
  • Failure or delay in providing appropriate treatment
  • Failure to perform surgery with reasonable care and skill

Other situations where a valid medical negligence claim can be pursued include discharging a patient too soon, or discharging a patient who presents a danger to themselves and others. Taylor & Scott medical negligence lawyers provide the backup required to pursue a compensation case with confidence.

Q. Is compensation the same as damages?

A. Although legal terminology can be confusing, in this case ‘damages’ refers to an award, usually monetary, paid to a person for compensating loss or injury. Damages can refer to part or full amount of financial restitution paid in a compensation case. There are variations within compensation claims, such as applicable claim time-limits, thresholds, and other compensation law stipulations.

Taylor & Scott Lawyers offer a Free Case Assessment with all negligence claims. Our expert negligence lawyers take time to answer your questions, assess your case, explain the law and advise you on whether they believe you will be successful in bringing a claim.

If we act for you, it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning if you don’t win, Taylor & Scott Lawyers will not be paid any costs. We are committed to fair and just representation for all Australians, assisting you and your family toward a better future.

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