Nurse Catches Patient Suffers Severe Back Injury

The work injury damages team here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers recently resolved a negligence claim on behalf of a nurse.  

Our client was asked to assist another nurse lift a patient from a very low chair back into bed.  The patient was a very large heavy man.  No mobile lifting device was provided by the employer so both nurses had to manually assist the patient from the chair up into the bed.  The nurses managed to get the patient into an upright position when suddenly the patient started to fall.  In preventing the patient falling, our client took his full weight which was more than 120 kgs.  Immediately our client felt severe pain in his lower back.

The pain was unrelenting.  Physiotherapy did no good and eventually surgery was required.  Unfortunately this was only partly successful.  A pain management course was undertaken and the need to continue on heavy pain medication has been necessary ever since.

Eventually the hospital that employed our client terminated his employment.  Due to the unrelenting pain our client suffers, his career as a nurse has been destroyed.


The work injury damages team here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers provided a Free Case Assessment.  They advised their client that the employer had breached their obligations to provide a safe place of employment.  They had failed to provide proper lifting equipment and they had failed to provide a safe system of work.  The team recommended a WORK INJURY DAMAGES CLAIM.  


A claim was made for:

  • Past economic loss
  • Future economic loss
  • Loss of superannuation benefits both past and future
  • A claim for the difference between gross and net payments of workers compensation called a Fox v Wood claim.

The work injury damages team went about obtaining all the evidence needed to prove the work injury damages case.  Eventually a settlement conference brought the parties together and our work injury damages team negotiated a very satisfactory lump sum settlement ensuring the future financial security of our client.

If you are injured at work, you may have a work injury damages claim.  Contact our team of expert work injury damages lawyers who will provide you with a Free Case Assessment.  If they act for you it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning if you don’t’ win, they don’t get paid.

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