Fall at Restaurant Client Secures Compensation Payout

Our client attended a local restaurant with family members one evening.  Having had an extremely pleasant dinner, our client and her family were leaving the restaurant.  As our client walked along, her feet shot out from under her and she crashed to the floor in a “splits” position.  In extreme pain, an ambulance was called and she was taken to the local Emergency.  Before leaving the restaurant, members of the family noted where water had been spilt on the floor near where our client fell.  No attempt had been made to clean up the spill, nor had any signs been deployed to warn patrons of the danger.

In the fall, our client had torn her hamstring off the bone as well as suffering a serious knee injury.  Having been treated at the hospital, she was released home in a wheelchair.  Over the course of the next year, she underwent active treatment by way of injections and physiotherapy.  Because of her ongoing pain, she was unable to continue doing her part-time sales job as her job entailed a great deal of standing on her feet all day as well as driving to various work sites.  Having followed the instructions of her treating specialist, she attempted a return to work but found that the ongoing pain that she was in was just too much for her to bear.

Eventually, after about a year of rehabilitation, she found some alternative work of a lighter nature and has managed to continue this employment ever since.

It is now approximately four years since her fall.  She has noted that as time has gone on, her pain has increased.  She has difficulty sitting for any length of time.  Standing on her feet aggravates her pain.  Driving for any length of time causes cramps in her legs and she wakes up during the night with these cramps.  Heavy household tasks such as mopping, making beds and cleaning now all have to be done by her husband.  Although she is managing some light work, she continues to suffer a wage loss as a result of her accident.

Not knowing what to do and not knowing what her rights were, she turned to the “experts in public liability claims” here at Taylor & Scott


Concerned about her future, our client approached our team of “expert public liability lawyers” for advice and assistance.  Michelle Meigan, who is a Senior Associate here at Taylor & Scott and an expert in public liability claims, assisted our client.  Michelle met with her client on a number of occasions.  She obtained various medical reports from her client’s treating doctors and other treatment providers.  She arranged for independent assessments to be performed by an expert in occupational medicine in order to determine her fitness for ongoing employment.

She investigated the facts and circumstances of the accident and advised her client to commence proceedings for negligence against the owners of the restaurant.  These proceedings were commenced in the District Court of NSW.  Eventually, the case was ready for hearing.  Prior to the hearing, settlement negotiations were entered into resulting in the matter being settled for a substantial sum.

Michelle’s client received compensation for her pain and suffering, her financial losses and the effects that the accident has had on her life.

The claim was conducted utilizing Taylor & Scott’s no-win/no-pay cost arrangement meaning our client did not pay Taylor & Scott any costs unless and until she had won her case.


If you, a member of your family, acquaintance or friend are injured in a public place such as a restaurant or shopping centre, you are welcome to meet with our experts in a face to face conference so that we may explain to you your rights.  At this meeting, our lawyers will carefully evaluate your claim.  If we believe you have a viable public liability claim, we will offer to conduct your claim utilizing Taylor & Scott’s no-win/no-pay fee arrangement meaning you pay no costs to Taylor & Scott unless and until you are successful with your claim.

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