Refugee Escaping Conflict Suffers Serious Injury in Work Accident

Our client is a young man who came to Australia as a refugee.  His English was very poor but he was determined to build himself a new life away from conflict.  Eventually, our Government gave permission for him to work.  Having had experience in his native country in the construction industry, he sought employment working in construction here in NSW.  A friend advised him of a job that was going on a building site.  Having applied for the job, he was told to report to the site and given a start.  His English was very basic and he relied on his friend to do much of the translating of instructions.

Having gone through an “induction” of sorts, he was told to climb a ladder onto a deck to start work.  Climbing up the ladder he could feel it moving as he climbed.  He attempted to step from the ladder onto the plywood decking when both the ladder and the timber decking began to move.  He lost his balance and fell to the concrete floor below, a distance of some three meters.  He crashed to the concrete suffering serious injuries to his neck, shoulders, back and arms.  Workmates came to his aid and an ambulance took him to the hospital where he was placed in intensive care.  It turns out that the builders who were in charge of this construction site had been grossly negligent in their supervision of the site where there appeared to be a complete lack of safety.  The ladder being used as an access to the deck was not secured, it hadn’t been tied off.  The timber decking on which workers needed to operate was not secure with loose timbers causing an extremely unstable and unsafe platform.  This building site was a disaster just waiting for an accident to occur.  Following our client’s fall, WorkSafe inspectors attended the scene and issued a number of improvement notices to make the workplace safe before the workers were allowed to continue their work.

Our client spent several weeks in Intensive Care and then followed a period of rehabilitation. Eventually, he was allowed home to be cared for by his partner.

Because of his severe ongoing pain, particularly in his back, he has not been able to return to work.  As a result of his accident and injuries, he has developed a severe psychological injury where he continually re-lives his accident.  Not knowing what his rights were, he turned to the experts in workers compensation and negligence claims here at Taylor & Scott.



Having received a request to provide assistance, our legal team attended the hospital to meet with and provide advice to their client.  Because of the language difficulties, arrangements were made for a Government interpreter to also attend the meetings to ensure that the client fully understood his rights.

Our lawyers ensured that our client received his full worker’s compensation entitlements including weekly payments as well as ensuring that all his ongoing medical treatment was covered by the worker’s compensation insurance company.

Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, and acknowledged as one of NSW’s leading personal injury lawyers, acted in the case.  Simon fully investigated the facts and circumstances of the accident and identified at least three parties who had all contributed to his client’s accident. Eventually, Simon launched a claim in the Supreme Court of NSW against these three parties.

Prior to the matter coming on for hearing, Simon obtained reports from all of his client’s treating experts.  Simon then proceeded to qualify independent experts to ensure that all of his client’s injuries and disabilities had been properly investigated.  Simon arranged for an independent expert in occupational health and safety to be retained to ensure that liability aspects were all properly investigated and particularised. Eventually, the matter was ready to proceed to a formal mediation of the claim.


We are very pleased to report that at the mediation Simon and his team were able to secure a very substantial settlement against each of the parties who had been responsible for the accident.  Simon has been able to secure his client’s financial future ensuring that he has compensation covering all his lost wages right up to retirement as well as compensation for his client’s pain and suffering and the impact of the injuries on his client, both physically and psychologically.


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