Returning to Work

Do I have to return to work?

Injured workers have an obligation to participate in a return to work program and must make a reasonable effort to return to work on suitable duties once they have the capacity to do so.

Workers who fail to comply with their obligations will be found to be non compliant and payments of weekly compensation can be suspended.

If you have capacity to work then you have an obligation, to cooperate with your employer or the insurer and make reasonable efforts to return to suitable work.

Does my employer have to provide suitable duties?

Employers have an obligation to provide suitable duties to injured workers who have capacity to work providing it is reasonably practical for them to do so.

employer doesn’t need to provide suitable duties if the worker voluntarily left the employment of the employer after the injury or the workers employment was terminated for non injury related reasons.

Suitable duties can include:

  • working reduced hours in either your pre-injury position or a different position
  • working your normal hours in a different position
  • modification of your duties
  • retraining

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