School, Sporting or Playground Incidents  

Accidents can happen anywhere, and schools, playgrounds and sports fields are action-packed places where the likelihood off accident or injury is dramatically increased. Kids of all ages get injured, from pre-school to post-grad, so eliminating risks is the first health and safety priority. Young Australians grow with boundless energy during their formative years, so it’s no surprise that over-enthusiasm often leads to sporting and playground accidents within school buildings and grounds.

Schools owe students, staff and visitors a duty of care to protect them from foreseeable risks, hazards or dangers, but when injuries happen, compensation can get complicated. Choosing Taylor & Scott guidance for school, sporting or playground injury compensation claims is a solutions-based approach with greater likelihood of successful claim outcomes.

Can a claim be made against faulty playground equipment?

Compensation can be claimed for accidents or injuries that take place in school grounds, public parks, community spaces, and private property. In other words, the onus of care is on all of us to ensure we maintain a safe environment. Playground injuries are common and sometimes caused by defective equipment for which the school is accountable. If a similar injury were to occur in a council-maintained playground, a compensation claim is made against the council body or person responsible for playground equipment maintenance.

Schools are vibrant, bustling places with a lot going on. Australian kids usually take the small knocks, but real accidents do happen, whether caused by faulty school furniture or equipment, in the bus or on excursion, or while playing sports or games. Accidents and incidents can’t be avoided altogether, even in the safest environments, but fortunately, the NSW legal system provides avenues for compensation, and Taylor & Scott Lawyers understand the avenues, the destination, and the fastest way to get compensation claim results.

School Student Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident

How do compensation claims cover duty of care at school?

All schools, including private schools, are expected to have systems, policies and guidelines in place to ensure risks are minimised and safety is a priority. Negligence in maintaining property or overseeing safe practices can result in accidents or incidents that were otherwise foreseeable. In such cases, compensation can be claimed to cover losses. Compensation assistance for school, sporting or playground incident victims includes:

  • Medical/Surgical expenses
  • Nursing care and domestic assistance
  • General pain and suffering damages
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Counselling and psychology
  • Compensation for long term damage to your career

Are school, sporting and playground incidents personal injury claims?

Accidents and incidents that occur at school or during school-related activities often result in personal injury compensation claims. Teachers also require some legal protection when accidents inevitably occur under their watch, so it is usually the Department of Education and Training or the school’s umbrella organisation that is liable to pay compensation.

How can I make a school accident compensation claim?

Compensation claims are made on an injured child’s behalf by a parent or other adult guardian. There are time limits on personal injury compensation claims, so contacting Taylor & Scott for a complimentary appraisal of your claim’s chances of success is the no-risk way to get proceedings underway. Taylor & Scott accident compensation lawyers help build the case, collating evidence to prove a breach in duty of care caused by the school, sporting or playground incident. If we think your case has a winning chance, we will proceed with our no-win no-fee guarantee, meaning if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay us a cent.

Undertaking a compensation claim is stressful and complicated, especially when already dealing with difficult injury issues. Taylor & Scott Lawyers relieve clients of financial burden by withholding all client/lawyer fee payments until the compensation case is won. In addition, Taylor & Scott handle all paperwork, documentation, evidence collection, communication and negotiation. When legal obstacles arise, Taylor & Scott rise to the challenge to get you the compensation you and your family deserve.