School, Sporting or Playground Incidents  

It is a sad fact of life that accidents and injuries can happen to young people. The school playground, during sporting events or generally in and around areas where young people congregate.

Sometimes accidents are caused due to faulty equipment (eg in school laboratory, gymnasium, woodwork room). This may include equipment that has not been monitored by the school or under statutory law has not been properly maintained in its use.

On the sporting field, Taylor & Scott have acted for young people where a school has failed to properly supervise sporting events, or has failed to ensure that the conditions under which a game is being played is safe to do so.

Accidents also happen in the playground. Unsupervised young people can be injured on equipment which is dangerous or which does not meet the proper safety standards.

If you have a child who is injured at school, in the playground etc where you feel that someone else could have prevented that accident or should have done something to prevent the accident, then there may be a case of negligence and Taylor & Scott will be able to advise you of your rights in these circumstances.

We often take these claims on a “no win / no fee” basis and our first consultation is free of chargeAt Taylor And Scott ‘ We Care For You’

At Taylor And Scott ‘ We Care For You’