Shopfitter Suffers Serious Neck/Back Injury Lifting At Work – Substantial Damages Secured


Our client “Johnny” had worked as a shopfitter joiner most of his adult working life. He had been working for his current employer for more than ten years.

Over the days leading up to his accident, he had been using a lot of vibration tools including routers, sanders and drills and he had been required to lift large and very heavy boards unassisted. The boards ranged in weight from 13 kgs up to 40 kgs. His employer didn’t provide any assistance to Johnny and didn’t provide any lifting devices such as a mobile crane or forklift to assist with the lifting and manoeuvring of the timbers involved.

On this day, Johnny was attempting to build a large counter for a shop fitting. Working alone, he needed to lift and manoeuvre the counter. It was very heavy and difficult to manhandle. As he attempted one of his lifts, he noticed the onset of pins and needles and then numbness in both of his arms.

The pain got too much and he reported his injury to his boss. He went off work and consulted his GP. The GP suggested physiotherapy but after several sessions of physio, he was no better. Finally he underwent an ultrasound and then a CT scan of his neck. He was referred to a specialist who initially suggested a spinal injection which didn’t help. He then underwent an MRI scan and was referred off immediately to a Neurosurgeon. The Neurosurgeon advised Johnny that he needed urgent surgery by way of a fusion to his neck. Following the initial cervical fusion, he was still having serious problems with pain in his neck. Back to the doctors he went for further tests and eventually he was told he would need to undergo a second cervical fusion at a higher level in his neck. He underwent the further operation and then a long period of rehabilitation. He attempted to go back to his old employer, but the work was just too heavy and so he underwent a re-training programme. At a later date, he experienced a further serious aggravation of his neck pain and following another visit to the specialist, it was decided he should undergo a third round of neck surgery.

Johnny is now left with occasional numbness and tingling in his hands, pain in his neck, difficulty sleeping and restricted movements in his neck and shoulder. He can’t lift any weight and is unable to assist his wife around the home with household chores such as mowing the lawn, putting out the garbage and doing the handyman jobs that he loved doing.

Greatly concerned about his financial position, he turned to the experts here in compensation law for advice, guidance and help. Michelle Meigan who is an expert in compensation law advised Johnny. She instituted a work injury damages claim after having secured a lump sum payment under section 66 of the Workers Compensation laws. Eventually Michelle took Johnny’s work injury damages case to mediation and we are pleased to report that she was able to secure a very substantial lump sum settlement for Johnny.

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