Visit To Supermarket – Disastrous Consequences

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Recently David Hartstein, Accredited Specialist at Taylor & Scott, and his team, concluded a case for a tradesman who loved to cook.

Our client wanted to cook a special meal for his family, so with shopping list in hand he set about buying the necessary ingredients at the local supermarket. As he pushed his shopping trolley along, his feet shot out from under him causing him to fall onto his back. In a lot of pain, he eventually made it to his feet when he noticed yoghurt had been spilt on the floor where he was walking.

Eventually the management of the store came by and ordered staff to clean it up. Unfortunately for David’s client, his back condition did not recover. Visits to specialists, operations at various hospitals, rehabilitation, physiotherapy – all have been tried but our client is still left with constant pain in his back and legs. His career in the construction industry has been destroyed.

Having received instructions from his client, David commenced a slip and fall claim in the District Court. Very careful investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident were carried out by David and the experts he retained to assist with the claim.

Eventually David was able to secure a very satisfactory outcome for his client which has given him the financial security he needs to support his loving wife and children.

Commenting on the case, David said:
“Slip and fall accidents in supermarkets are all too common these days. Owners of supermarkets need to ensure that they are vigilant at all times and clean up spillages as soon as they occur. Failure to do so can have disastrous consequences for innocent shoppers and can prove very expensive to shop owners”.

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