Large TPD Payout Secured For Client by Ray McClenahan

TPD claim polyarthritis & allergic reaction

Our client lived in country New South Wales and worked in the state public service. A few years ago, she developed severe polyarthritis and a depressive psychiatric condition. At one time, she was receiving injections for her arthritis and suffered a severe allergic reaction to the injections. The result was a form of paralysis of her nervous system.

Several visits to Sydney hospitals were needed. She was in severe pain. Fortunately, after extensive treatment she recovered from the allergic reaction, but has been left with her severe arthritic condition which affects her feet, hips, back, neck, hands and shoulders. These physical problems have all contributed to her ongoing psychiatric/depressive condition which had required several periods of hospitalisation.

Not being able to work, she lodged a total and permanent disablement claim under her superannuation where a group life insurance policy was held. Unfortunately the insurer rejected her TPD claim. She then turned to the experts in TPD claims here at Taylor & Scott. Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Claims, took on her case. He offered to act on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning that Taylor & Scott met all disbursements incurred in gathering together all of the medical evidence needed from her treating doctors and from independent doctors that Ray qualified to support his client’s claim.

Eventually Ray submitted a very detailed submission to the superannuation company. He contended that his client’s combined medical condition of both the debilitating arthritis that she suffered from, combined with the severity of her psychiatric condition, rendered her unfit not only for her pre-injury work but for any work for which she was reasonably qualified by reason of education, training or experience (this being the pre-requisite definition found in the group life insurance policy).

Fortunately the insurance company saw the sense in Ray’s submission on behalf of his client and relented. His client received her full TPD entitlement which amounted to several hundred thousands of dollars.

If you are being stonewalled by your superannuation company, particularly with respect to a TPD claim, why not contact our experts in TPD here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers. We will properly assess your claim and advise you. If we act for you, it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that Taylor & Scott will meet all disbursements as they are incurred and you will not pay any legal costs to Taylor & Scott unless you are successful with your claim.

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