TPD Insurance Claim Brought By House Painter

Michelle Meigan, an expert in TPD Insurance and TPD Claims, recently completed a TPD claim for a painter.

Michelle’s client had suffered a serious injury to his neck when lifting a heavy ladder at work. As a result of the injury, her client needed surgery and was unable to return to his occupation as a painter.

Initially, Michelle’s client came to her seeking workers compensation advice. A claim for workers compensation was successful and Michelle secured all of his workers compensation entitlements.


Having completed the compensation claim, Michelle asked her client for copies of his superannuation documentation. Reviewing the documentation, Michelle advised her client that his super fund had taken out TPD insurance for his benefit. Michelle then made application for the appropriate forms to make a TPD Insurance Claim. She gathered medical evidence, completed the TPD insurance forms and submitted them to the super fund and their insurer.

Eventually, Michelle was successful in obtaining a TPD Lump Sum benefit for her client.

If you are unable to work because of injury or illness, you may have a TPD Insurance Claim.

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