Sizeable Settlement for Woman Knocked Over by Helicopter’s Downdraft

Our 83-year-old client was leaving the hospital after visiting her late husband, who was a patient at the time. Whilst leaving the emergency department, she was knocked over by the downdraft of a helicopter landing.

Hospital workers had made an error by leaving the door to the emergency department open. The open door resulted in our client being caught in heavy winds inside the hospital.

As a result of the accident, our client suffered a broken hip that required a total hip replacement.

Prior to her accident, our client lived an active lifestyle. Due to the injury, the client now relies heavily on a walker for mobility and has significant disabilities.

Following a referral from another firm, Simon Meigan from our public liability team obtained instructions from the client to initiate proceedings in the District Court of New South Wales.

Despite our client’s age and retirement status being a factor in the case, we successfully claimed compensation for our client’s pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, and ongoing domestic care and assistance.

Later, the claim was listed for a mediation. Simon successfully negotiated a substantial settlement for our client that adequately compensated her medical expenses and loss of mobility.

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