Concreter Falls 5 Metres


Our client was assisting with a concrete pour when without warning the slab started to move. As a result of his fall “Mick” suffered a serious injury to his leg.

“I thought I was suffering heat stroke until I realized the whole slab was collapsing” Mick said.

WorkCover investigated the accident and determined that the formwork was totally inadequate for the job. The forms were old and rotten and the props/jacks were incapable of supporting the load.

Initially, Kimberley Becker secured Mick’s compensation rights and then Simon Meigan and his team commenced a negligence claim against the contractor who was responsible for the formwork.Mick has been left with a severe limp, an inability to climb and can’t return to the heavy concreting work that he enjoyed.

Eventually Simon was able to negotiate an out of court settlement for Mick which has secured his financial future.

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