Demolition Worker Obtain Significant Compensation From Employer And Other Parties Following Work Injury


Taylor and Scott Lawyers, recently acted for a worker who sustained a significant and unusual injury in the course of his employment. At the time of the accident and for a long time afterwards, our client’s injuries were assessed under 15% whole person impairment. This was significant because until it was found that her client had a 15% or greater whole person impairment, he was unable to sue his employer for negligence.

Our client however was, in the interim, able to commence proceedings against the head contractor and a sub-contractor on the building site where he was injured. Because of the severity of his injuries, he had to undergo a large amount of treatment over a long period of time as the doctors were finding it difficult to provide a diagnosis and prognosis for his injuries and ongoing disabilities.

Taylor and Scott Lawyers did not give up against the employer. We continued to investigate and sought out various experts, all the while building up a case to present to the employer’s workers compensation insurer who eventually, after reviewing all the evidence, agreed that our client did in fact have a 15% whole person impairment thereby conceding that we could commence a work injury damages claim against the employer.

“This was very important to our client and allowed him to obtain maximum compensation. We were able to bring to an end his workers compensation entitlements, where he was only receiving about half his weekly wage, and obtain a full and final settlement against all the parties who were responsible for his injuries”.

Our persistence and forensic approach in obtaining all the evidence paid off, with our client receiving a very satisfactory settlement of his negligence claim. If you have a difficult work injury where you may not have been assessed at 15% whole person impairment, contact Taylor and Scott Lawyers and we will be happy to review your matter to make sure nothing has been missed.

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