Employer’s Lack Of Concern For Injured Worker Leads To Major Physical And Psychological Problems


Recently, our litigation team at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers completed a claim for a worker who suffered injuries to his back and ribs when he fell at work. Initially our client received treatment for his injuries and eventually was able to present himself back at work with a request that he be given his old job back, albeit with a request to work part-time.

The employer rejected the request and put our client on a physically demanding job involving a lot of lifting, bending and carrying over his entire 7½ hour shift. Because of the severe financial stress that our client was suffering, he put up with his pain and tried to do his new job. Eventually the pain was too much and our client broke down, both physically and mentally.

The uncaring employer then sacked our client. The physical and psychological problems have had a devastating effect on our client’s ability to work. His family life has been ruined. The compensation team at Taylor & Scott sued the employer for negligence and fortunately a substantial lump sum settlement was obtained for our client. Our client and his family now have financial security but the damage, both physical and psychological, remains.

Commenting on the case, Belinda Gamble, senior litigation lawyer at Taylor & Scott said:

“This man did his best to get back to work. He was badly treated by his employer who simply showed no compassion for his physical and mental wellbeing. The consequence of the employer’s actions has had a devastating effect on my client”. Fortunately I was able to secure substantial damages for my client which means his family are now financially secure. Unfortunately I can’t see my client ever fully recovering from both his physical and psychological injuries”.

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