Heavy Lift Causes Severe Injury

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Recently, Simon Meigan and his litigation team at Taylor & Scott, acted for a young man who was pursuing a career as a landscape gardener. One day whilst working with fellow employees at a site, he was instructed by his boss to lift a bag of rubbish from the boss’ ute. Thinking that the bag contained green waste, our client attempted the lift. Unfortunately and unknown to our client, the bag did not contain green waste, but in fact contained concrete rubble. No warning had been given about the weight of the bag and as a result, in attempting the lift our client suffered a severe injury to his back. There followed months of treatment which eventually resulted in our client requiring a fusion to his spine. Due to his ongoing pain our client has been forced to give up any thoughts of working as a landscape gardener. He is unable to bend, lift, carry, remain on his feet for any length of time and now has to be extremely careful in performing tasks that prior to his accident he just took for granted. As a first step, Simon Meigan has now had our client assessed for his whole person impairment. This assessment has resulted in a permanent impairment exceeding 15% which has opened the way for Simon to now bring a work injury damages claim against the employer for his negligence. Simon is now in the process of suing our client’s former employer for his failure to warn his employee of the contents of the bag and its weight.

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