Scaffolder Injured By Falling Planks


Recently, the compensation team at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers successfully completed a work injury damages claim for a scaffolder who had been injured more than ten years ago.

Bruce worked for a scaffolding company. He came onto a building site, was not given any site induction and simply instructed by his boss to dismantle scaffolding.

He complained to the boss that the area that he was required to work in was not safe due to the stacking of scaffolding planks. Again the boss simply said “stop complaining and get on with your job”. The inevitable happened. Whilst trying to do his job, a number of the planks fell onto Bruce causing serious injuries to him.

Bruce received a great deal of medical treatment and tried to rehabilitate himself back into the workforce. Unfortunately he was sacked by his employer as he was unable to return to scaffolding duties which requires a lot of climbing, bending and lifting.

The team at Taylor & Scott brought a work injury damages claim for Bruce and were able to recover substantial monies for Bruce which compensated him for his loss of wages up to retirement.

Commenting on the case, Simon Meigan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury said:

“Employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers. Bruce recognised the danger he was working in, brought it to the attention of his boss, but was simply told to stop complaining and get on with his job. Needless to say, the boss’ negligence has had a devastating effect on Bruce’s ability to work. Safety of employees should always be the number one priority of bosses”.

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