Shop Assistant Suffers Permanent Injuries From Fall At Work

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Recently David Hartstein, Special Counsel at Taylor & Scott and an accredited specialist in personal injury, acted for a young woman who suffered a serious fall at work.

Briefly, whilst walking from one part of the shop to another, our client slipped on a wet substance that had been left on the floor. She suffered serious injuries to her knees which have now become permanent. Her treating doctor sent her to a number of orthopaedic specialists and eventually she required surgery. David’s client has made a number of attempts to return to work and be trained into different jobs. Unfortunately her injuries prevent her from standing for very long. She can’t squat or kneel and is unable to do heavy lifting or carrying. Her days as a shop assistant are over.

Her employer who is self insured has done the right thing and made weekly payments of compensation and paid for her medical expenses. Once David found that her injuries were permanent, he set about making various claims seeking lump sums under the workers compensation law for the permanent impairments she suffered because of the knee injuries and he also sought a lump sum payment for her pain and suffering.
Having secured these payments for his client, David then commenced a work injury damages claim seeking a lump sum payment to compensate our client for her loss of wages that she continued to suffer.

Fortunately David was able to negotiate a very satisfactory settlement of her entitlements which has allowed our client to have the security of a substantial lump sum to compensate her for her financial losses.

Commenting on the case, David said:
“I often meet shop assistants who through no fault of their own suffer injuries at work, due mainly to the negligence of their employer. Fortunately realising that they were negligent, this employer did the right thing and agreed to a financial settlement thereby giving my client the financial security she needed to move on with her life”.

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