Shop Assistant Suffers Serious Knee Injury
Work Injury Damages Claim Successful

Shop Assistant Suffers Serious Knee Injury

Our client lived and worked in country NSW. She was employed by a large supermarket chain. Her permanent part-time work required her to assist in the unloading of boxes from pallets delivered to the store. On the day of her accident, a large delivery of cartons had been dropped on a wooden pallet at the store. She had been directed to take the boxes from the pallet and place them in various parts of the store. As she was performing her job, she was required to step onto the pallet. In doing this, her foot went through the pallet and she suffered a serious twisting injury to her knee.

Hoping the injury was temporary, she continued working her shift. She went home, iced her knee and rested. Unfortunately, her symptoms worsened overnight, so she attended her local GP. Pain medication and physiotherapy were prescribed. The physio aggravated her knee and eventually, her GP referred her off to an orthopaedic specialist. Scans confirmed serious issues in her knee and the specialist then operated. Following the operation, a series of injections into the knee over several months followed. Again, this course of treatment didn’t work and her pain and severe restrictions continued. Her specialist then recommended a knee replacement. Following the second round of surgery, our client noticed some temporary improvement in her pain. Unfortunately, after a short time, the pain increased. Her specialist diagnosed that the surgery had caused nerve damage. She was then referred to a pain specialist and a further series of injections were performed into the knee. To this day, she remains in constant pain and is severely restricted. Anxious to keep working for as long as possible, she returned to work but is restricted to light duties with no bending or lifting. Because of her ongoing pain, she cannot stand on her feet for very long. She is unable to kneel, squat or stand for long periods. She has difficulty negotiating stairs. She has numbness and tingling in her knee. She has a limp. She can’t drive for more than thirty minutes. Her medical advisers have told her that her knee will continue to deteriorate and she will have to give up work in the next year.

Concerned for her future, she sought legal advice from the experts in workers compensation claims and work injury damages claims here at Taylor & Scott.


Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, advised his client. He explained to her that having regard to the serious nature of her knee injury and the fact that she would have to stop working, a work injury damages claim should be launched seeking to secure in a lump sum her loss of wages up to retirement. Simon agreed to work on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that Taylor & Scott would not be paid any costs unless and until the work injury damages claim had succeeded.

Simon then proceeded to obtain expert medical opinion confirming that his client had a whole person impairment of greater than 15% and confirming that she would have to resign her employment because of her ongoing deteriorating knee. Armed with the medical support, Simon then launched a work injury damages claim which eventually proceeded to a mediation.

We are pleased to report that Simon was able to achieve a lump sum settlement for his client which compensated her in one lump sum for her total loss of income right up to her retirement thereby securing her economic future.


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