Tongan Glass Worker Compensated For Employers Unsafe Lifting Practises

Our client, Mr O, had worked in the glass manufacturing industry since arriving from Tonga many years ago.

One day, his boss directed him and a fellow worker to lift approximately 90 sheets of glass each weighing up to 40kgs. This was an urgent job. No thought was given by the boss as to how this job should be performed, the equipment that would be needed to assist with the lifting or the way the sheets of glass should be handled. He was simply told to get on and do it.

Needless to say, after rushing to lift and manoeuvre the 90 sheets of glass, Mr O felt severe pain in his shoulder, neck and arm. He reported to his boss who showed little interest in Mr O’s predicament.

Fortunately, Christmas was looming, the factory shut down for the holidays and Mr O spent this time resting up in the hope that his injuries would recover and he would be able to return to the factory when it opened in the New Year. Unfortunately, this was not to be. This was the start of an endless round of physiotherapy, doctors, specialists, rehabilitation, procedures and a number of operations. Mr O was ultimately terminated by his employer and had to go onto workers compensation.

Mr O consulted Ray McClenahan, Partner and an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury at Taylor & Scott. Ray and his team carefully investigated the circumstances surrounding Mr O’s accident, sought experts in the medical field and eventually obtained all the entitlements due to Mr O under the workers compensation laws. Ray then handed Mr O’s case over to Simon Meigan and his litigation team. Simon is an Accredited Specialist in personal injury and he specialises in work injury damages and negligence claims. Simon and his team investigated the negligence of the employer, obtained further detailed expert reports on liability and damages and then launched a work injury damages claim against the company and its insurer.

Eventually the matter came on for mediation and Simon was able to successfully negotiate a settlement package for Mr O freeing Mr O from reliance on weekly compensation payments.

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