Trip On Cable Wires Destroys Mechanic’s Life

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Our client is a mechanic who prepares new cars for delivery. As part of his job, he carries out wheel alignments. He had complained to his boss that the exposed cabling around the hoist where the work is done was dangerous. Unfortunately the boss ignored his protests with predictable consequences. Whilst carrying some equipment, our client slipped on the cabling, hyper-extending his leg and falling onto his wrist. Several operations followed with surgery for both his knee and wrist. Our client has been left with pain in his knee, he has difficulty standing for long periods of time and kneeling at his local church is difficult. His wrist is painful, makes a cracking sound and is weak. Unfortunately with these disabilities, it has been impossible for our client to return to work as a mechanic. Simon Meigan, Partner at Taylor & Scott, and his team brought a work injury damages claim against the employer for their failure to keep the workplace safe and secure. They successfully sued the employer and have been able to ensure that our client and his family’s financial future have been protected. Commenting on the case, Simon said “Leaving cables in areas where workers need to traverse is bad enough, but ignoring the reasonable requests of employees to make work areas safe is disappointing in the extreme”.

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