Unreasonable Demand On Workers To Lift Steel Beams Has Tragic Consequences

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Our client, a labourer, was one of a team of men called on to lift, carry and manoeuvre into a confined space, a number of steel beams each weighing over 600kgs. As a result of this unsafe system of work, he started experiencing pins and needles and numbness in his back. Our client sought treatment and attempted to continue working however his condition deteriorated and eventually he needed surgery to his back. He has now been left with chronic pain. Simon Meigan, Partner of Taylor & Scott, successfully negotiated a work injury damages claim for our client. Commenting on the case, Simon Meigan said: “All too often, employer’s don’t seem to understand that requiring their employees to lift, manoeuvre and carry very heavy loads exposes their workers to the risk of very serious injury which has disastrous consequences for the worker and serious financial consequences for the employer”. Although our client is now financially secure, he has been left with a serious ongoing injury which will be with him for the rest of his days and it will greatly affect his relationship with his wife and young family.

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