Falling Steel Plate – Foot Amputation Large Compensation Payout Secured

Our client was a formwork carpenter who after many years in the construction industry decided to retrain as a crane rigger and dogman. His employer sent him to work on various construction sites. At the time of his accident, he had been working on a large commercial building site in the Sydney CBD. On this site, he took his orders from employees of the head contractor. Late one afternoon, he was directed by the foreman of the head contractor to urgently assist in the removal of a number of large steel road plates. These plates weighed over 700kgs each. When he asked the foreman how the plates were to be lifted onto a truck that had arrived, he was told that a lifting magnet was to be used. Although our client had little experience with lifting magnets, he was told to get on and help as the builder needed to get the plates off the building site. He asked if a work method statement had been prepared and was told not to worry, just “get on with the job”

A crane was brought in with the lifting magnet attached. Our client was positioned near the lift. As the crane lifted one of the plates, the magnet failed and the plate fell to the ground. It bounced and fell onto our client’s foot. Although wearing steel-capped boots, his foot was crushed in the accident. Workmates came to assist to get the plate off his foot. In extreme pain and severe shock, he was treated by ambulance and rushed to hospital. At the hospital, he was admitted and underwent emergency surgery. The surgeons tried to save his toes, but unfortunately following two separate operations, he has lost two toes and suffered a serious crush injury to the balance of his foot. Following two weeks in hospital, he was allowed home where he recuperated for several months.

Determined to get back to work, he underwent extensive rehabilitation and eventually was able to get back to work although he is now greatly restricted in the work that he can undertake. He is now unable to climb. Standing on his feet for long periods causes extreme pain. Any impact on his foot, jarring, running or walking on rough and uneven ground all cause him problems. He has developed back pain and a very stiff ankle. He can no longer pursue his hobbies of rock fishing and playing footy with his mates. 

How Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers Helped

Needless to say, he was greatly concerned about his future and turned to the experts in workers compensation and negligence claims here at Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers for guidance and advice. 

Simon Meigan, Partner, Accredited Specialist and one of Sydney’s leading work injury negligence lawyers, acted. Simon arranged meetings with his client. Having obtained detailed instructions, he advised his client of his rights to workers compensation and then laid out a detailed plan to ensure that his client received maximum compensation for the severe injuries that he had suffered.

Simon gathered medical evidence from all of his client’s treating specialists and arranged independent medical examinations with various medical experts focusing on the problems that his client could expect to encounter in the years ahead. Simon was ultimately able to launch a negligence claim against the builder seeking damages for the injuries that his client had suffered. 

Successful Outcome of Negligence Claim

The case was brought in the Supreme Court of NSW. Eventually, the matter came to a settlement conference and we are pleased to report that Simon has secured a large settlement payout for his client. This lump sum not only compensated his client for all of his lost earnings, past, present and up to retirement but also took into account his client’s ongoing pain and suffering and future medical needs.

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If you are injured at work and receive a permanent injury, it is vital that you receive expert legal advice in respect to your entitlements under the workers compensation laws and also in respect to possible negligence claims against your employer and third parties as in this case where the claim was launched against the head contractor builder. You are invited to contact Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers by ringing 1800 600 664 or emailing us at info@tayscott.com.au.

If Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers act for you, they will do so utilising their no-win/no-pay cost arrangement meaning that you do not pay any legal costs whatsoever to Taylor & Scott unless and until you win your case. 

Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers have been acting for injured workers here in NSW for more than 100 years. No matter where you live in NSW, Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers will be able to assist you.

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