Lifetime of Heavy Lifting Results in Permanent Back Injury Large Payout Secured for Migrant Worker

Our client migrated to Australia in the early 70s. With a young family to support, he secured employment with a scaffolding and plant hire company. Over the next several years, his work required him to continually bend, lift and carry heavy scaffolding, construction equipment and materials. Never one to complain; by the end of the day, he was in severe pain. Conscious of the need to keep working to support his young family, he put up with the pain. There came the point when the boss required him to perform very heavy lifting duties. Unfortunately, this was the final straw. The pain he was suffering started to radiate down into his legs. Just getting out of bed in the morning became a real struggle. Determined to keep working, he consulted his GP who recommended injections of cortisone into his back. These injections only provided short term temporary relief. After a few weeks, the pain would be back. Life was becoming unbearable. Eventually, his doctor referred him off to specialists. He was diagnosed with a disc prolapse, resulting in him having to undergo surgery to his spine to repair the damaged disc. The pain reduced temporarily. He got back to work, but it wasn’t long before the pain was back worse than ever. A second operation followed. However, it only provided temporary relief. See our client wasn’t showing signs of a speedy recovery, his employer showed no sympathy terminating his services. 

Our client underwent several years of intense pain management. He had to attend specialist pain management physicians, physiotherapists and psychologists, all to no avail. He then faced a third round of surgery for his back. The specialist even implanted a stimulator into his spine in an attempt to eradicate his severe pain. Unfortunately, this didn’t work, and eventually he faced a fourth surgery. Our client is left with ongoing back pain which radiates down both his legs. He experiences neck pain. His back is in constant pain, with intermittent sharp stabbing pains. He experiences pins and needles in both legs, particularly in the soles of his feet. He can’t walk, even for short distances, barely managing to drive short distances. Sitting causes pain. He can’t sleep. He is depressed, and to make matters worse, his marital status with his wife is now non-existent. 

How Taylor & Scott Compensation & Negligence Lawyers Helped

Not knowing his rights, he turned to the experts in workers compensation, work injury damages claims and negligence claims here at Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers. Michelle Meigan is a senior associate here at Taylor & Scott Negligence Lawyers. She has many many years of experience advising injured workers about their compensation rights and negligence claims. Michelle arranged to meet with her client. She listened to his long history of suffering, and was then able to lay out a plan to her client to ensure that he secured “maximum compensation for the injuries he had suffered.” Michelle arranged to gather together medical information from all of his treatment providers. Once she had received these reports, she arranged to qualify various independent medical specialists to advise on her client’s employability, specifically on the medical issues he would face into the future. She was then in a position to launch a work injury damages claim on her client’s behalf. 

Successful Outcome Of Work Injury Damages Claim

We are delighted to report that Michelle has negotiated a substantial settlement on behalf of her client. This settlement compensates her client for his loss of wages, past, present and up to his retirement.

Thanks to Michelle’s dedication and expertise in conducting work injury damages claims, she has secured her client’s financial future.

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