Casual Nightfiller Injures Back – Lump Sum Compensation Awarded

Back Injury Supermarket Night Filler

Our client was a casual nightfiller at a supermarket. Her job involved working through the night filling the shelves with grocery items. Prior to our client’s injury, the procedure adopted by the supermarket was to break down the boxes and place individual items on the shelving. At one point, our client’s supervisor instructed that from now on the items were to be left in their trays and the whole tray was to be placed on the shelf. This obviously meant that the weight of the lift was much greater than before. This constant lifting of the trays of tins caused pain in our client’s back and ultimately meant that she had to stop work because of the pain.

Following review by her doctor, she was referred to a specialist. He arranged for an MRI scan of her back which confirmed a disc injury. He then arranged for her admission into hospital to have an injection into her spine. Following this treatment, our client has managed to get back to work on light duties but working reduced hours. The injury to her back has now been determined by the doctors to be a permanent condition. Accordingly, our client approached her Union for advice. They then referred her to the experts in workers compensation claims here at Taylor & Scott.

Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, acted for the injured worker. He saw her in conference and then made an application to WIRO for a grant of legal assistance meaning that his client paid no legal costs whatsoever in respect to her workers compensation claim. Ray arranged to obtain all the medical reports in respect to his client and then arranged for an independent orthopaedic specialist to assess her permanent impairment. After examining our client, the specialist provided a detailed report and provided a whole person impairment percentage. Ray was then able to proceed with a lump sum claim under section 66 of the Workers Compensation Legislation.

Having made the claim on the workers compensation insurer and employer, the parties reached agreement as to the whole person impairment and Ray’s client received a lump sum for her back injury.

If you suffer an injury at work which is permanent, you are most welcome to contact the experts in workers compensation claims here at Taylor & Scott. We will meet with you and explain your rights. If we act, we will apply to WIRO for a grant of legal assistance. If granted, this means that there will be absolutely no legal costs whatsoever for you to pay in respect to your workers compensation claim.

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