Injured Worker’s Long Fight With Government Department Employer Finally Succeeds

Construction worker ready for hard job.Ray McClenahan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury at Taylor & Scott, recently concluded a claim for an injured government department worker.

Mr D had worked for this department for most of his adult lifetime and had unfortunately suffered a number of injuries during his employment there.

The insurance company had played “hard ball” cutting off Mr D’s workers compensation.

Ray took on the insurance company on Mr D’s behalf. The case was fought all the way by the insurance company denying Mr D’s claim at every step. Undaunted, Ray and Mr D worked together to gather the evidence from doctors and from Mr D’s workmates to fight the insurance company.

Eventually the insurance company “caved in” and Ray was able to obtain lump sums for all the permanent injuries Mr D had suffered. Ray was also successful in having Mr D’s weekly payments of compensation restored.

Commenting on the case, Ray said:

“It gave me great pleasure and satisfaction to assist Mr D with his claim. This man had devoted his working life to his employer and I believed he had been treated very poorly by the employer’s insurance company when his injuries finally caught up with him. We worked together to ensure that we had all the evidence needed to prove our case”.

Ray further added:

“I am glad that Mr D now has the financial security to move forward with his life”.

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