Shop Assistant “Bullied And Harassed” Wins Weekly Workers Compensation Payments And Medical Expenses

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Recently, Kimberley Becker, Associate at Taylor & Scott, finalised a claim for a shop assistant. Our client had worked for a large supermarket chain for several years. Originally she worked the night shift, finishing work around midnight. Fortunately her husband had been able to change his shifts at his employment to the nightshift so he was able to pick his wife up from work and see her safely home.

Eventually, Kimberley’s client was asked to change her shifts to a 5.00 a.m. start. She complied with this request but sought and was given an undertaking that she would not be asked or expected to go back to the nightshift as her husband had once again changed his shifts with his employer to assist his wife and be in a position to take her home at the end of the shift. He had been told by his employer that he would not be able to change his shifts again.

A new manager came on the scene and once again Kimberley’s client was asked to change to the nightshift. She pointed out the undertaking given by the previous manager and refused to change her shifts. Then the harassment started. Kimberley’s client felt bullied and harassed. She felt threatened and feared that she would have her employment terminated. She became anxious and depressed and had suicidal thoughts. She continued to stick to her guns. Her mental state deteriorated and she felt that her employer did not appreciate her or care what the threats were doing to her.

The harassment continued on a daily basis. Eventually, her mental state was such that she had to stop work. She sought help from doctors and was diagnosed with a depressive condition which was work-related but her employer denied her workers compensation and refused to pay her medical treatment costs.

Kimberley sought expert opinions from her client’s treating doctors and expert psychiatrists. A claim was brought in the Workers Compensation Commission and ultimately Kimberley was successful in securing weekly payments of workers compensation and had all of her client’s medical treatment paid for by the workers compensation insurer.

If you are being bullied or harassed at work which results in you suffering anxiety and depression and forces you to go off work, please feel free to contact Kimberley Becker at Taylor & Scott Lawyers. Kimberley will undertake a free case assessment of your claim. She will apply for a grant of legal assistance from WIRO and do everything she can to ensure that your case is presented in the Workers Compensation Commission in the best possible way – all at no cost to you.

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